Love And Law of Attraction

by Noor

My boyfriend and I just broke up a couple of weeks ago, I am really depressed and I am always crying... He’s kind of dating another girl now I guess .....I really want him back and I don’t know what to do ...

Can the Law of Attraction help me, and if its possible how can I do that..???

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction creates your experiences out of your predominant thoughts and feelings. In other words, what your thoughts are today will create your experiences tomorrow.

That being so, whatever your experiencing today is as a result of the thoughts you had in the past.

I know that that sounds a bit odd to some people, because why would anyone think about breaking up, just to have that experience manifest in their lives.

This is where people don’t really understand this Law, they think that by visualizing their most wanted reality, it is sure to turn up. They forget that the Law of Attraction brings to them their most PRODOMINANT thoughts, which is often fear and worry.

So can you use the Law of Attraction to get back with your boyfriend?

Read my description of the Law of Attraction again, and you’ll find the answer.

“The Law of Attraction creates YOUR experiences out of YOUR predominant thoughts and feelings.”

This is about you, not your boyfriend. He will create his experiences based on what he thinks, that is Law. You will create your experiences based on what you think, that is Law.

But you may say to me that you want to experience being back together again, so if you make that your most predominant thought, it must become a reality.

You would think so wouldn’t you, but what are you really asking for?

You may describe the experience of being with your ex boyfriend as Love, Companionship, Sharing, Intimacy, Exciting, Ecstasy, or any other emotions that fit. This is an experience, the emotion, being with you ex boyfriend is not the experience or the emotion, he is a source for the experience and emotion.

And this is the difference...

You may ask for any experience you wish, but you are asking an infinite intelligence that knows all, and knows best. So when you ask, you cannot choose the source, you just choose the experience and trust that the wheels of fate will turn and provide you with exactly what you are asking for.

In other words if you want to experience Companionship, Sharing, Intimacy, Excitement, Ecstasy and Love, make Companionship, Sharing, Intimacy, Excitement, Ecstasy and Love your most predominant thoughts. Trust that what you ask for is already becoming your reality, and it shall be impossible to keep these experiences away from you.

Heal Your Unconscious Pain is a fantastic book to help you get over your split, it is written by Chris Dines, author of Power, Love and Abundance.

This e-book is going to show you how to heal yourself. Do not be fooled or judgemental by the simplicity and short content. These tools are Power!

You will need to be ready for the shift you are about to receive, though the shift will happen only when you take action. No action = no results.

So relax and take a deep breath. All is safe and you must be ready to heal because you have attracted this writing.

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