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I was repeating the Science of The Mind affirmations and didn't know as to why my vibrations were getting higher until after 2 months which is how long I was repeating them for. How can I get rid of the excess energy that is carried with me from repeating those affirmations?

Would you send an affirmation to minimize my vibrations by reversing what has happened?

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Most people reading this will wonder why you would want to reduce your vibration, after all, most people have such a problem raising theirs and would think that they would love to be in a situation of having too much energy.

So why would anyone want to lower their vibration?

Your situation is a good reminder that, no matter what it is that we desire, when we have it, this new reality does not leave us at status quo requiring no new and different experiences, far from it, this new reality will always give birth to new ideas and new things to strive for.

In remind us that when we have achieved the things we want, this doesn’t stop us from wanting new things.

This is the beauty of our power to create, and as we continue to experience our reality, we continue to give birth to new desires, and through a focus of our thought and emotion, those new experiences continue to manifest.

For those of us who focus our thoughts and emotions towards what we like, this cycle of experience, to desire, to new experience is a wonderful way to exist.

But without that focus, this cycle of experience can prove to be challenging.

It is without focusing our thoughts and feelings to what we desire that unwanted experiences are born, and for many people, as their experiences are unwanted, and as they think and feel about what they do not want, this in turn gives birth to new unwanted experiences.

Even an unwanted reality is a testament to our power to create, as in the same way, when we are experiencing an unwanted reality, we are still giving birth to new desires, it’s just that when we focus our thought and feel our emotion towards what is wrong, that the new manifested experience is full of unwanted and wrong things.

You see there is no such thing as a bad creator, as we all equally create, it’s just that if your creation is not what you want, you’ve simply been focusing in the wrong direction.

So to change an experience, instead of focusing on the things that you want to change, you need to focus towards the change you want to see.

This can be difficult to do, and to help there have been techniques such as visualizations and affirmations developed. However, there are times that these techniques will work in the opposite way that you intend them.

For example, if your reality represented what you did not want, and you kept recreating this or similar unwanted experiences, this must be down to the direction you are focusing your thoughts.

If you then tried visualizing and affirming on a reality that represented what you desired, this can often make the current situation feel worse, as you think and feel what is missing.

If this happens, the direction you are focusing your thoughts is not towards what you are visualizing and affirming, instead it is towards what is missing, and as such, you must manifest an new experience that misses these things.

Of course, the affirmation technique was successful in raising your vibration, and that can only mean that you weren’t wrapped up in thought and emotion about not having a high vibration.

Whereas now, if you tried to lower your vibration through affirmations, it may be the case that you keep thinking and feeling that this new reality is not coming, and consequently manifest a higher energized and vibrating you.

Another reason I would be wary of using affirmations to lower your energy levels is that, as you have experienced, these new realities tend to creep up on us, and as you continued to affirm being less energized, you may suddenly find yourself with little or no energy at all and will have to start the whole process off again.

So what would I recommend for someone who was trying to change their reality because they were faced with experiences they did not want.

Quite simply this…

Stop trying to change what you do not like, as it is the resistance to the unwanted that is the very thing that allows it to persist.

As Carl Jung put it, “What you resist, persists.”

It is by giving attention and feeling to something, that, through the Law of Attraction those things are brought.

So instead of trying to chase away what you do not want, embrace what you do want, and in so doing, what you do want shall be drawn to you.

Offer the unwanted parts of your experience little or no attention. Instead, focus your thoughts and emotions to those parts of your experience that are wanted and make you feel good, and through the direction of your focus, more wanted experiences will align to you.

This is best achieved by becoming familiar with what you have now that makes you feel good, and using these things to choose the direction in which to focus your thoughts and feelings.

Do this by listing the, “the things I like best about…” And spend some time each day focusing on this list. And then, whenever you think a thought or feel a feeling that contradicts these ‘best about’ things, focus your thoughts and feelings to the ‘things you like best about…’

For example, you could list the times that you are grateful to have low energy moments, and whenever you feel like commenting or complaining about you high energy, think and feel about those low energy moments you love.

I admit that it is not always easy to think about ‘good things’, particularly when you are occasionally experiencing ‘not so good things’, but in time, and with practice, it can be done.

And, as you continue to successfully master this, you will start to notice that the experiences you are having are predominantly made up of the good things you have been thinking.

To help you do this sign up for my Unlock The Power WorkBook, it works on this same principle and helps people to focus on what they desire, without activating the thoughts and feelings they have for what they lack.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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