Making My Boyfriend Pop The Question

by Lasss

Can the Law of Attraction help in making my boyfriend pop the question and then live married happily ever after? :) How?

The Law of Attraction works with me only in small things, lets say when I visualize that today for example I want to be given a present .... Guess what it worked easily and I got one.... But when it comes to something big like marrying my current boy friend that is my high school lover it just doesn’t work

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction works for you all the time, on big things, small things, on everything.

You may have had some noticeable successes when you have deliberately manifested something small, but believe me, everything around you is there because of how you think and feel.

So, can you manifest an action in someone else?

No you can’t, and if you think about it, you wouldn’t want to.

The Law of Attraction lines you up to your every experience, depending on your vibration. It also lines your boyfriend up to his every experience, depending on his vibration.

So there is no way that you can alter your vibration to line up an experience for someone else. That would go against Law.

And if you could, would you really want your boyfriend to commit himself to you based on what you feel, rather on what he feels?

If you wish to “live married happily ever after” then that is OK. Think it, feel it, be it and have it. Do it all in mind, and as strong as that vibration and emotion for that experience is within you, the faster that experience will be with you. But be warned, you cannot predict from where it will come.

However, if you wish to nurture your current relationship, think of all the positive aspects of your ‘Now Relationship’. Think them, feel them, be them and have them. Do it all in mind, and as strong as that vibration and emotion for this experience is within you, the stronger that experience will be with you.

Never offer any vibration to what you don’t like about this relationship, and the stronger it will become.

Will it lead to marriage?

Who knows, but if it does then you will know that when the question is popped, it comes from the commitment, the love and the desire your boyfriend has to share his life with you.

It comes from his heart.


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