Manifesting Issues

by ed
(New York)

I read so many books on how we need to feel the new car seat or imagine going into the new mansion or get excited on the trip to the islands. When it comes to the lottery, that's when ALL OF A SUDDEN, I am told that it is NOT possible to win because of the millions who play.

Millions want a mansion, a trip, an expensive car too but you never hear that it's impossible to obtain.

ALL thoughts are things and I am sure the LOA has to work for the lottery too, with no exceptions. What do you think?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I am sure that there are many people who have used visualization to manifest their desires, who have possibly won the lottery, allowing their desires to become a reality, and I would certainly say that it is possible to use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery. But..... the two don’t really go hand in hand.

Most people who would focus their attention on winning the lottery, do it from a position of want.

They would normal be in a reality of ‘have not,’ focus on wanting to win the lottery to get out of their reality of ‘have not,’ not have the winning numbers that week, and notice that they have not won the lottery, and are still in a reality of ‘have not.’

lie the problems...

To get away from the feelings of ‘have not’ you need to express the emotion of having it now.

Focusing on ‘wanting,’ manifests more feelings of ‘want.’

Realizing you have ‘not won,’ focuses your attention on ‘not winning.’

So, most people who try to manifest winning the lottery, get what they give their attention, energy and focus to, that is, feelings of lack, always wanting, and not winning.

By default they are a vibrational match to the results they see.

You see, we are always a vibrational match to our surroundings, or more accurately speaking, our surroundings are a vibration match to us.

So what we have, is the result of what we think.

Therefore, if we change what we think, we change our surroundings.

By focusing on winning the lottery, are you really changing what you think?

On the other hand, if you change what you think, and truly believed that your desires will become your reality, believed so much that you could let go, in total faith, would you care how your desires were manifest?

The lottery is nothing but a vehicle to what you desire, just a way of getting there, and if you truly believed in your desires, the vehicle would never worry you.


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I used this method and won 10 or twenty pounds a time....
by: Anonymous

I think that one can manifest wealth this way but they have to focus on the have and not the have nots that are in their current reality for this to work, if they focus on the haves and all they have to be grateful for and tell others they have won the lottery and truly believe they already have in the here and now then they can win the lottery.

Anything is possible but you have to believe it is possible for it to be possible.

I would strongly recommend you get a copy of Think and grow rich if you actually do what it says you can become a millionaire over the course of the next few years and possbly a billionaire in further years to come depending on your current vibration and willingness to learn and throw away what you think you know and what you think you need.

Good Luck

Your desire for money is good you deserve it but you have to work for it by believing you already have it and finding a better vehicle like for instance Internet marketing or property investing will give you the opportunity to grow and learn and guarantee a result because when things happen suddenly especially when someone wins the lottery because their vibrational level is not congruent with the level of wealth they have in their life they lose it, in order to maintain or create true wealth you have to be on a high vibrational level, do this first make increasing your vibrational level your first priority and the rest will come to you naturally, it is law;)

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