Manifesting Money

by Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
(Saint Louis, MO, USA)

I estimate that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has helped me manifest approximately $70,000 in the last 3 years.

A couple of years ago, soon after I learned EFT, I decided to make a list of affirmations that at the time I doubted I would ever believe. Being the geek that I am, I make an audio recording of the affirmation on my computer and burned them onto a CD, so that I could listen to them in my car. I decided to use the EFT tapping points as I was stating each affirmation aloud. I figured that would clear up any "tail-enders" and speed up my belief of the new affirmations.

Well, not only did I start to believe each affirmation in a short amount of time (and without daily practice), but those beliefs started to manifest! My favorite was "Large sums of money come to be quickly and easily." In the meantime, I had been wanting to save about $3000 to buy into a mutual fund for my retirement. It was going to take me several months to set aside that kind of money. To my surprise and delight I got a call from my brother who informed me that I was going to be receiving two checks from the proceeds of the sale of my mother's house. I had grown up in a blue-collar family and never expected any kind of inheritance, so this was a total shock. Guess what the total was...$3000!

Then about 6 weeks later, I received another unexpected check from a health insurance refund for about $1100.

Then in January 2008, I got a call from one of my website clients who asked, "How much can I pay you to work on my website everyday?" Why? Because on a 10-day period he'd written $50,000 worth of business from the site. As he said, "every time you work on the site (to optimize it), I make money." I had to think about it. Two weeks later he called again to ask if I wanted to do this and he suggested the following dollar figure, "How about $100,000?" Right then and there I decided to go to an attorney and have a contract drawn up. By the time I'd finished that his wife had convinced him to drop the offer down to $50,000. Shucks, right?

In late 2009, I also manifested an unexpected $16,000, which allowed me to sell my house and buy the condo of my dreams.

Currently, I am running an EFT tapping group for small business owners and entrepreneurs ( The day after that group meets, I always get an influx of new business. So do my group members.

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Aug 24, 2010
by: Kathy Jodrey

Wow, I've heard of using EFT to clear health problems and emotional blocks, but never have heard testimonials of this magnatude. This is incredible! I wonder how often you practice this and how long you've been doing it?

Thanks for the advice, will have to incorporate this into my daily routines.

Aug 24, 2010
by: Annette Vaillancourt

I've been practicing EFT for at least 4 years. I made a CD of affirmations related to money and overcoming fears that allowed those things to manifest.

I might be coaxed into selling a copy of my CD if you are interested :-)

Sep 03, 2010
by: Nagirl

This is too amazing, congratulations!
And thanks for reminding me that not only Eft is important but to do the affirmations altogether cause I didn't learn like that but I read somewhere.

Feb 08, 2011
I'm interested!
by: Anonymous

You didn't have to coax me - I'm interested in the CD. I have a business and I would love to create a consistent large steady dependable income with it.

How do I get in touch with you?

Aug 21, 2016
Enter 'The HOW'
by: 'Doc' Griswold

YE$!! Truly $ounds Phenomenal! My main Challenge includes having been hit by a car without headlights on that had swerved to avoid a disabled truck (when I was in 10th grade, coming home from my PT job in the next town...November 2nd,1968... I was running across the street to avoid the oncoming headlights)!!
My wife of 38 years & I are both on SSDisability and we have one Miracle daughter! {After 6 months w/o ovulating, then 3 months of testing, the doctor at Kaiser Hospital told us, "All the tests confirm their is NO Life in your WOMB. Your WOMB is DEAD! I am Sorry. It looks like you are going through 'Early Menopause.'"
So we dejectedly headed home to our small apartment on the 2nd floor. But when I pulled into the parking lot, many Scriptures our pastor taught on about HEALING started bouncing around in my head! And the thought hit me that "I Should See What the BIBLE has To SAY About the WOMB And BEING BARREN!!!" So I EAGERly got to our Apartment and Quickly Found the Concordance to see what Scriptures (If Any!) spoke to the BARREN issue!!!
There are 3 and as I looked up the 2nd, (Psalm 113:9) I read, "HE (GOD) Gives the BARREN Woman a Home, AND Makes HER The JOYFUL MOTHER of CHILDREN. PRAiSE The LORD!"
And as soon as I had finished reading the verse, I heard "a Still, Small VOICE" in my head say, "This is GOD Speaking to You."!!!!!
So I 'RAN' to the bedroom, where my wife was SULKing on the bed, AFRAiD that at 29 and a half years old, she would Never be able to BEAR HER OWN CHILD!!! I EXCiTEDly Said, "LOOK What I FOUND in the BIBLE!!!", as I Placed the BiBLE under her TEAR SOAKED Face!
"HE Gives the BARREN WOMAN a HOME And Makes HER the JOYFUL MOTHER of CHILDREN. PRAiSE the LORD!" (Psalm 113:9)
As She read the Verse, her eyes LIT UP, And She JOINED ME in PRAiSiNG GOD!!! (to be continued!!!)

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