Matching Your Vibration To Your Desires

by Miha

I've been practicing the Law of Attraction for quite some time now, in some cases successfully, in others not that much. So far I've attracted a woman, (exactly how I had visualized her) and I am having some daily success with small things. I have brought a lot of peace and love into my mind, and now I want to attract the main prize at our lottery.

So far I've had several small winnings and I've done a lot of reading about the Law of Attraction and winning the lottery (which brought me here). I am feeling very happy and grateful for the lottery. I celebrate daily and jump around when I think of the lottery and my million+ euro winning. I really love money and feel abundance. Everything I see, I say to myself, “Yes I can buy that.” And every euro I hold and see, feels like I have a million euros. I really think I am super lucky, but the main thing that I haven't cleared is my belief...

I thought, until today, that I believed 100% that I already won. In the past I realized I was very attached to playing the lottery and got a little frustrated when I won nothing, but now I am totally detached, I still have a strong desire, but no negative emotions at all.

Today, I looked in the book The Secret, opened on a random page and looked at the words, “Start to feel the feeling when you get what you want. Feel that now.” I already knew this, but as I read these words I started to feel some light version of a strong feeling that I haven't felt for a long time, for just a second, and the feeling vanished right away. I had same experience two weeks ago but same thing happened. I know I have to have that emotion or feeling, it just feels so good and powerful. It's divine. But it is somehow hard for me to feel it on a consistent and everyday basis...

Don't get me wrong I am excited about lottery, as I said, I jump around all the time, but I think that is not so deep and strong.. I have experienced a little of that deep deep strong feeling and I know it can manifest everything. I just don't know how to have it all the time or how to develop 100% belief in what I want? It somehow doesn't overcome me totally.

I know this feeling would come to me if I won the lottery this very moment, but how do I feel it before?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Each and every one of us has a vibration that is made up of our collective thoughts and emotions, and on any given subject, and at any given time, we hold a vibration.

It is this vibration that the Law of Attraction responds to, and the purpose of this Law is to align events, circumstances and people to our reality, that are a match to the vibration that we hold, so that we may continue to think and feel this way.

For example, if your relationship vibration was one of loneliness and heartache, you shall align to events, circumstances and people that cause you to think and feel more loneliness and heartache.

Or, if your career vibration was one of success and high financial remuneration, you shall align to events, circumstances and people that cause you to think and feel more successful and handsomely rewarded.

The same could be said of your financial vibration, and depending on whether you vibrated lack or abundance, would determine the events, circumstances and people you shall experience, in order for you to continue to think and feel more lack, or more abundance.

This is why, when you wish to experience a certain reality, whether it is love, success or money, you are told to match the vibration of these things, as if they already existed.

So if it is possible to experience love, harmony, success, achievement, wealth and abundance, simply by matching the vibration of these things, would it be possible to match the vibration of winning the lottery to produce this reality?

Assuming that the closest vibration to winning the lottery was wealth and abundance, then it would have to be the case that to align to the financial reality of winning the lottery, you would have to adopt a vibration of wealth and abundance.

In other words, you would have to think and feel rich so that the Law of Attraction could align you to events, circumstances and people that help you to continue to think and feel rich.

But if you were able to align to this rich vibration, this doesn’t necessarily align you to actually winning the lottery. Why?

Because winning the lottery is an event, it’s something that the Law of Attraction may or may not align you to, as a match to your vibration of riches.

It is important to realize that we control our vibration, not the events, circumstances and people that are brought to our reality. We control the way we think and feel, and as a result of these thoughts and emotions, the Law of Attraction aligns the events, circumstances and people that are a perfect match.

You see, your desire is not really to win the lottery, neither is it to have the money the lottery winnings would provide. Your desire is to have the freedom and choices that having this amount of money will give you. And as you match the vibration of this abundant lifestyle, you will align yourself to every ideal event, each perfect circumstance, and all conceivable people, in order for this reality to manifest.

Such an event may indeed be winning the lottery, but if it is not, if there is come other circumstance that would bring to you this abundant experience, it you are not open to receive the opportunities that come your way, you may miss out on the reality that the Law of Attraction is attempting to align to you.

Your work here is your vibration, and this is the only thing you need to attend to.

If you wish for financial abundance, match your thoughts and feelings to your wishes, and as you do, you will align to every way and each vehicle that can manifest these things.

How to do this would depend upon your thoughts and feelings now. If you tend to think about, and feel about your imagined riches, in a positive and excited way, then your work is easy, and as you continue this predominant way of thinking, you have taken the first step towards these things.

But if you have worry, fear, uncertainty, or any ‘negative’ thoughts towards your finances, you still have some work to do.

A great exercise that will help you to raise your vibration towards money is the prosperity game.

The Prosperity Game has been taken from Esther and Jerry Hicks book, Ask & It Is Given, and is one of the many exercises I use in my Unlock The Power WorkBook

In this game you open an imaginary checking account and deposit $1,000 Dollars, (or the equivalent in your currency). Then, simply spend the money.

This game works best if you can make it feel as real as possible, so either use an old checkbook, or use a spread sheet as a mock bank account.

When you spend your Dollars be as descriptive as you can, describing exactly what it is you have bought.

You can either spend your $1,000 Dollars in one transaction, or you could use any number of imaginary transactions. You could even spend some of the money today and save the rest until tomorrow, although I would encourage you to spent it now, as tomorrow you will have $2,000 imaginary Dollars to spend, and the next day, $3,000, and so on adding an extra $1,000 to each daily deposit into your imaginary bank.

On day 4, add $4,000, on day 5, add $5,000 etc etc

If you do this every day for a month, you will have spent just under half a million Dollars, and if you continue the game for a year, you will have spent more than $66 Million.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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Jan 20, 2012
Good Vibrations
by: Law of Attraction

Since I have begun taking advantage of the law of attraction in my life, life has taken a dramatic change for the better. I feel great. I continually pursue happiness. Whether I am moving about or sitting still, I emit positivity. As a result, more positivity comes into my life. It is really like be a magnet for goodness. People all around me, provide me with the love, nurture, and guidance to happiness. I am so grateful for the universe helpimg me to recognize the law of attraction in my life.

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