Meditation Techniques
To Unlock The Law of Attraction

Meditation techniques to unlock the Law of Attraction and harness its power, helping you to manifest your desires.

Using meditation is an important part of applying the Law of Attraction, because it is through meditation that you will develop the skills to be able to control your thoughts and feelings.

The trouble with our brains is that we tend to think in an out of control manner, jumping from one subject to another with no pattern to what we think about from one minute to the next.

In Buddhism, this unsettled and restless way of thinking is known as 'Monkey-Mind', as our thoughts seem to jump from one tree to another and from branch to branch with no pattern or design.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, we teach people that we attract and align to a reality that matches our most focused thoughts and feelings.

This is why visualization is a big part of mastering the Law of Attraction, and by emotionalizing your visualization and acting and feeling like your desires are already manifest, these experiences are brought to you with speed.

It is by matching our thoughts and feelings to the things that we would like to experience, as if they already existed, that we align to that reality.

But how could anyone think and feel in the same way that they would when their desires existed, when their current reality in no way represented the reality that they wanted?

And if they could, how could they remain thinking and feeling this way when their thoughts can so easily flip to the things that are so unwanted now?

This is the problem with our 'Monkey-Minds', as they so easily jump about and notice, complain and worry about all the unwanted circumstances that surround us. And as our thoughts jump about, our focus switches from one unwanted condition to the next, and in turn these unwanted experiences keep returning.

Don't forget, we attract and align to a reality that matches our most focused thoughts and feelings, and by focusing on all these unwanted things, it is hardly surprising that some people find it so difficult to break the cycle of unwanted experiences.

It is by using good meditations techniques that you can gain control over your 'Monkey-Mind', and resist the temptation to dwell on the things that are yet to manifest.

So what meditation techniques are the best to use?

I was first introduced to a form of meditation when I followed Charles Haanel's Master Key System, (this was the book that introduces me to the Law of Attraction).

As part of the meditation techniques in this book, Haanel encourages his students to focus on a subject for up to 20 minutes, helping to strengthen their imagination, focus and mind power.

So effective is the message and the exercises in the Master Key System that I have included it as part of the Law of Attraction Guides training program.

Since then I have further developed my meditation by practicing a meditation called Vipassana.

Vipassana can be translated to mindfulness, which accurately describes this way of meditating.

This meditation is easy to learn, but it is not something that can or needs to be mastered, as it will always benefit you.

If you would like to look into meditation further, for some great information, take a look at the Website for some great information, you can also read an online book on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

To learn more about different meditation techniques the Meditation Techniques Guide offers in-depth knowledge of Meditation and a large collection of meditation techniques that help to reduce stress, achieve mental peace and tranquility, and a total self-transformation.

Also the links at the meditation resources page will take you to meditation websites that I have found helpful.

I have also included some healing sites that you may be interested in.

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