Missing From The Secret

by Toby
(Salt Lake City)

Recently I reviewed a popular book about manifesting entitled The Secret. It was great on several points, which I diligently followed. Unfortunately I am not manifesting like the examples of people in the book. What am I missing?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

As you have experienced, people seem to have varying results when they start to deliberately use the Law of Attraction to achieve specific things in their lives.

The book The Secret, as you are probably aware, is taken from the film of the same name, and is a good introduction to the Law of Attraction.

However The Secret is not a complete ‘How To’ on the Law of Attraction, it just outlines the principle, and the way to start to use these ideas to your advantage.

So why do so many people have such varying results?

In The Secret you are told to ‘Ask’ for your most wanted reality through visualization, ‘Believe’ in the result, and ‘Receive’ it with gratitude or emotion when it comes.

This is a very simplistic formula, which is easy to follow when you are getting what you want.

For instance you ask or visualize a new car, you have faith that it will come, and you are overjoyed with gratitude when it manifests.

But what happens when you are new to this or you don’t seem to get what you want?

You still ask and visualize, that’s easy.

You believe..... Or do you? It’s very difficult to truly believe in something if you are not seeing the evidence of such a truth, yet not believing is not the opposite of believing. If you do not truly believe, that what you ask will manifest, then you must believe that it will not.

And you receive, well how can you when it has yet arrived? Ah..., but you still receive.... You still give ‘not receiving’ emotion in the form of disappointment, and as you have received exactly what you believed, each step has been fulfilled.

Charles Haanel explains the reason for not receiving what you desire very well in his book The Master Key, part of our Law of Attraction training program, Unlock The Power of You

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential.

You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

With this as a basis you can construct an ideal business, an ideal home, ideal friends, and an ideal environment. You are not restricted as to material or cost.

Thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all that it requires.

Infinite resources are therefore at your command.

But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material.

Unfortunately this is the result which many are securing, and the cause is self evident.

If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect? And why should you expect any different result in molding the greatest and most plastic of all substances, the only real substance?


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