Morris Goodman
The Miracle Man

Morris Goodman, one of The Secret Teachers, is an amazing man. In fact they call him "The Miracle Man."

So what is this man's incredible story? It all started back in March of 1981.

Morris had it all. He was one of the most successful insurance agents in the country. It had started with MET Life where Morris had become their No. 1 agent.

He had success, fame, fortune, and a brand new airplane

It was in this plane that Morris' life was to change forever.

Morris survived a horrific crash, and arrived in hospitol with horrific injuries.

Morris' neck was broken in two places, his diaphragm was destroyed, and he couldn't breathe. His swallowing reflex was destroyed, and he couldn't eat or drink.

Morris Goodman

He couldn't talk; as his voice box was crushed and his kidney, bladder, bowel and liver didn't function. He had destroyed pretty much everything in his body, all he could do was blink his eyes, once for yes and twice for no.

But Morris Goodman had his brain and Morris knew that Man becomes what he thinks about

So Morris Goodman's fight began, he had to regain control of his body one small step at a time. His first goal was to get off the ventilator. He recalls,

I tried to suck a little air with the respirator. Every time I did my lungs hurt something terrible. I took 100 breaths. I'd rest five minutes. I'd take a 100 more every time. Then I started taking 200 breaths. Then I started taking 300. One night I did that and my lungs expanded three times on their own.

Finally the medical personnel cut down his dependency on the ventilator and eventually weaned him from the machine. They were at a loss for an explanation.

Morris had managed to use his stomach muscles to replace his diaphragm, the only known case in the world that its ever consciously happened, and to this day his diaphragm hasn't worked.

Morris made it his goal to walk out of the hospital that Christmas, and even though his doctors said that he would never walk or ever operate any bodily function successfully again, Morris continued to visualize.

Unbelievably that Christmas, just eight months later, Morris Goodman walked out of the hospital.

But the fight wasn't over for Morris, it took him two years to learn to say a sentence, and five years to get back on his feet again.

His recovery is so remarkable, they call him The Miracle Man.

Today Morris is a highly sought after speaker who travels the world sharing his story with millions of people and teaching his philosophy on goal setting and personal growth and development.

"I have a story: a one in a billion story.

It's a story that can help so many people.

Not everybody will be in an airplane crash and destroy their whole body like I did.

But everybody has adversity and challenges to deal with in their life.

I'm very thankful for my family, my wife.

I'm thankful that I can go around the world now and share my story with people and help inspire, motivate other people to realize what potential they have and that they can go out and do things also."

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