My Dream Guy

by Dani
(Brighton, UK)

I've been using the Law of Attraction to find my dream guy. I'm also psychic, and I have been receiving messages that my best friend, (of 3 and a half years), is my dream guy.

We met up (he lives on the other side of the country), and things went really well.

We plan to meet up again soon, but he's going to university so he'll be moving, so we can't set any more plans in stone until then.

I was just wondering if you could give me some guidance/tips, I'm a little confused.

I know that you can bring old friends back into your life as I have seen it many times before, I just don't understand how it works. If they don't want that friendship then how can they come back into your life?

I feel like I need to clear this up as I have heard so many stories that seem to contradict one another

Many Thanks

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You’re quite right, it is possible to bring old friends back into your life, and often this happens when we think about them.

When we think about past experiences of any kind, we tend to remember with emotion, and it is that vibration of emotion that brings similar experiences into our future reality.

So just as we can bring back old friends by emotionally recalling fond memories, so we can bring back old enemies by emotionally recalling bad memories.

This is how may people who have experienced a poor and abusive relationship, seem to attract partners who give them similar experiences.

But when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to attract a specific person, it does get a bit confusing.

You would think that by focusing on a happy, romantic and passionate relationship with a specific person, you would offer the vibration to end up with that person.

Well in theory you could..... as long as it didn’t violate Law.

If you accept that you attract to your life what you most strongly focus upon, and your strongest focus was on being in a happy, romantic and passionate relationship, then you could only end up with your specific ‘Dream Guy’ if the outcome of the relationship, matched the vibration.

You see the universe sees things from a bigger picture than we do, and unless this ‘Dream Guy’ matched your vibration, then it would be impossible for you to be together.

But just to make this a little more confusing, what about him?

For as much as you focus on a certain outcome, and without doubt the Law of Attraction will line you up with experiences that match that focus, or that vibration, the same could be said for your ‘Dream Guy’

The Law of Attraction is lining up your ‘Dream Guy’ to whatever he is strongly focused upon.

So as this Law is manifesting in his reality, depending on his vibration, it would be impossible for you to violate law and cause an alternative reality, which did not match his thoughts.

So can you use the Law of Attraction to attract your ‘Dream Guy’?

No you can’t, but you will end up with your perfect partner, if you focus on what your ideal relationship will be, let go of the emotions of who and when, and begin to live your life in trust and faith that what you focus on, will be.

And who knows, maybe this ‘Dream Guy’, has a similar focus and a matching vibration, and what you are both looking for in a relationship, is a perfect match.

If it is........ Be Happy.

If it is not....... Be Happy.

Whatever it is that you truly focus on, you will truly get, have faith in that.


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Jun 10, 2010
still trying
by: Anonymous

I've been waiting for my dream guy for many years now. I've made an alter, prayed a lot, wished a lot, worked on myself and really believed it will happen!

Then WHY HASN"T IT YET???? I'm losing hope.

Jul 22, 2010
Dreams?And fortune cookies?
by: Courtney

Ok well alot of times, I have these dreams with a guy who I've never met in my life and I only get a small glimpse of him..but I know he has black hair and he's tall with pale skin. And his name is either Josh or Justin...Idk tho. And then I got this fortune cookie that said "Your charm has inspired a secret admirer" Is that a sign?? Oh and I took a quiz and it said that I would meet my dream guy in the spring break of 2012 at the beach. I always go to the beach during spring break..

Nov 03, 2010
the wonders of the internet....
by: Hopeless Romantic

I'm pretty sure I've found my dream guy...
It all started with a random add on facebook. I posted my picture to some fanpage that read something like "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw who the real barney was". He found my picture and shot me a request. We got to talking and he and I are very much alike. The only problem is... He's in California and I'm in humble old Tennessee. Not to worry, he's planning on visiting me over winter break! We finally get to meet and I have my Hopes high ! I've known him now for 9 months! Wish me luck when we meet :)

Dec 27, 2010
It actually works!
by: Anonymous

I discovered The Secret (Law of Attraction) about a month and a half ago. Ever since I saw it, it has changed my life for the better. I immediately started to put it to use and started curbing my thoughts. I wrote a list of everything I wanted for my life and what "type" of people I wanted in it. I didn't name names, I just listed what I wanted.

All of a sudden, completely out of the blue I had an old friend that I hadn't seen in about 5 years contact me on Facebook. He wants to see me while he is home for Christmas! I have been in an abusive relationship for about 4 years now and this is my saving grace. We went on a date last week and this week we are going out again! Can't wait to see what comes of this... anyways I believe in the LOA completely. As soon as I changed my thought process good things have started happening.

Jul 24, 2011
been waiting
by: Anonymous

I have been waiting for this guy since second year high school, I was still 12 or 13 by then. And I never met anyone like him in my entire life. If I've had met someone like him, he's far more better than them. And I have always wanted to have him as my husband in the future, though I'm in a relationship now, which does't satisfy me, I long and believe for this to happen in some future. I prayed about this since senior times, and from then on I believed he's really going to be. I'm just the missing part/person he's been waiting for. He doesn't realize that. His the ideal type. Traits more like mine. But he's more kind and gentle. He really is the one. I hope to see him in the nearest possible future. I can't wait any longer. I'm bored. I want out! oh, common! let him come already!

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