My First LOA Experiance... Funny

by Nick

The first time I used the Laws of Attraction is a pretty funny story. I read online that you have to visualize and believe so I started drawing pictures of myself with things I wanted and convinced myself that they were going to happen.

I noticed that most of my pictures were of myself with lots of money and women with giant boobs.... I went to bed believing these things would happen; after all millions of people say its worked for them so why not me?

The next day I woke up making sure to maintain my positive mental attitude but the pictures were in the back of my mind. I stopped at the music store to by a CD I wanted, and outside I found 17 dollars on the ground. That was cool, I walked into the store and there was a pretty blond girl who, as soon as I walked in, turned to show the guy behind the counter a tattoo she had on her back, reviling her breasts to me.

After talking to the guy he revealed that he was gay, he didn't know that girl, and he found the whole situation very confusing. It didn't dawn on me until I got back in my car what happened, money and boobs.

I know it wont always be that easy but maybe it is. Either way I’m sticking with the LOA and a positive mental attitude

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Aug 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think the reason it worked so quickly is because you didn't obsess over it. I've heard more and more often that the wanting of the think keeps it in the future and just out of our reach. you just have to know what you want, be grateful for receiving it and let it happen.

Aug 23, 2010
how ?
by: Amir

how could he do it that fast ? O_O

Jan 01, 2011
I laughed
by: Anonymous

I'm a graphic designer, so this is right up my alley. :) Thank you for a great idea to try.

I've had similar experiences with the 'type' of guys I enjoy to look at. No matter where I go a new guy with the things I like is always roaming the store, looking for either chips or some dinner. It's quite funny.

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