My Lover Is Using LOA To Attract Another?

by Tata

My lover is now engaged. I love him still. I heard he is doing the Law of Attraction, I am sure he used it to meet his fiancée. I want him back because I love him. Will the Law of Attraction work for me even though he is using it to attract another?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is the method by which we align to the experiences we have, and it operates by organizing events, circumstances and people so that we are able to continue the way we think and feel.

When we think, and when we feel, we set up our vibration, and it is a match to this vibration that our reality is constructed.

But of course, as we all think, and as we all feel, we all have a vibration, and as the Law of Attraction is a Law, our shared reality must cooperate with everyone who vibrates within it.

In other words, the reality we share with others must match the way each person thinks and feels.

Now as this is a Law that matches our vibration to our experiences, it comes as no surprise to me when you say that your ex is ‘doing the Law of Attraction’. This is because we are all ‘doing it’, as we all think, we all feel, and we all vibrate. The difference is that he is aware of his creative power, as are you.

So can you use the Law of Attraction to align to someone who is using the Law of Attraction to align to someone else?

I hope not, this is a Law, and what we think and feel always aligns our experiences, and it works for all people at all times. Could you imagine using the Law of Attraction to align to someone who was using the Law of Attraction to align to someone else, only to discover that someone you did not desire had been using the Law of Attraction to align to you? Such a mix of realities could never cooperate.

There are many who would ask, how can this Law be a Law if not all of us were receiving the things we were wanting?

Well this Law if not a Law of want, it is a Law of vibration, and whatever you predominantly think and feel you align to.

If you predominantly think and feel love and companionship, you will vibrate unity, and as a result will align to the best cooperating match to the love and companionship you think and feel.

On the other hand, if you predominantly think and feel alone and unloved, you will vibrate separation, and as a result will align to the best cooperating match to the loneliness and lack of love you think and feel.

Undoubtedly your boyfriend
used the Law of Attraction to manifest his fiancé, whether he knew about or not, and to do this he would have to have been thinking in a way that matched that relationship.

But unfortunately, you have used the Law of Attraction to manifest your lack of a relationship, whether you knew about or not, and to do this you would have to have been thinking in a way that matched the lack of the relationship you are experiencing.

I know that you want him back, and that you love him, but you have to understand that he only aligned to you because, at the time, your shared realities matched what you were both predominantly thinking, and to attract him back, you would have to rely on you both aligning to such an experience through your thought, and as his thought is not under your control, all you can do is think and feel as a match for what you desire.

So I guess the question would have to be this…. What experience do you desire?

The answer I would assume you’d come up with would be to be with him, however he is not an experience.

Yes you shared an experience with him, but he was not the experience, he was the source of the experience. The actual experience was being in a loving, happy relationship, and you both must have had thoughts that aligned you to that experience, so that you both cooperated with each other to manifest that desire.

And now, even if you could emulate those same thoughts that led you to that rendezvous, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will again cooperate in your reality, that is, unless his thoughts aligned to the reality you were creating.

Yes you can create your own reality, but you cannot control the cooperating parts that will exist within it, as these parts only exist to match the way you think and feel.

Your job is not to manipulate and cajole the people that you share your reality with, so that they act and behave in a way to keeps you happy, your job is to become the vibrational match to the things you desire, so that the best cooperating parts of that vibration can align to you in order to create your desire.

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I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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