My Negative Persistant Feelings Story

by Johan Truter
(South Africa)

I wrote you some time back, see my article Negative Persistant Feelings. I really appreciated your reply at the time and your advice was excellent, but there was a twist in my experience, hopefully you will find this interesting and your views will be most welcome.

If you can recall I was concerned about some information that I came across that troubled me somewhat. As it turned out in the end, the past was not the only problem, there was far more information that came to light in the interim, that proved to me without a shadow of doubt, that this person was not all she pretended to be.

Now that I have discovered what the real situation is, I am extremely grateful that what I thought I wanted did not materialize. For me this is another indication that “The Universe” often knows better, and when we don’t always get that we want, there is a very good reason for it.

As I see the situation today, we can have whatever we want but we also need to be prepared for the consequences that can come long with it.

The lesson I have learned through this experience is that when we ask, we need to trust that what will be delivered will be for our “Higher Good”.

Thank you for an excellent and much needed website. Please keep up the good work.


Johan Truter

Ps. I will also be posting this as a comment on the appropriate page, for the original question on Negative Persistant Feelings

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