My Wallet

by Rico

I am 12 years old and I saw this movie The Secret and then one day I used it...actually I didn't, I really did a Law of Attraction in action.. I did this subconscious thing that someone had told me...

I was going to the library and I can't find my wallet because my library card was there, so I keep brainstorming and thinking where it could be, I really thought hard enough that I think my head is going to EXPLODE!

But then, I remembered this subconscious mind thing again:

"If you keep thinking about something that you are finding or thinking of a story, do something else, and in about 30 minutes and when you don’t think of that anymore something great will happen!

You're not even thinking about that situation, but you received the thing that you want to find or the story you want to think off..."

And that's what I did.. I read a book and I laughed and laughed and guess what?

I am thinking that if I took my mom's library card I could just say, "can I have my "brother's" books?" (i don’t have a brother)... then, I was taking my coat and then, I went to my mom's room and watched with her...then, I patted to my side hip and then to the other and patted on the FRONT!!!

Then, something great happened! I felt something mushy on the front pocket of my coat...I took it out....


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