Nothing Is Going Right… Please Help

by Wendy

My life is a big mess right now. I am not able to decide what course I should do, now that I'm out of school. My mother is constantly nagging me about this and comparing me with my more successful cousins and siblings.

I had an online boyfriend and my mum found out about our relationship (after I broke up with him). She scolded me a lot for falling in love with this guy! He's in North India and due to this reason she won't let me go there to do my higher studies.

I hate the place where I live and am sick of my family. I really want a new, happier life and I feel that this can be achieved only if I go to North India, as that place is way more fun than my boring hometown with its conservative people.

Also, I'm kind of introverted and lazy, I'm not motivated nor ambitious as I don't know what to do in my life.

All I know is that I want to be happy and be a better, smarter, attractive person.

Nothing seems to be going right for me nowadays. Please help!

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I know that this is difficult to understand, especially when you are feeling so helpless, but you need to grasp this, You Create Your Reality.

I know that you will say that you never wished for any of this, and you have no control, but please understand that you create your reality, and if you work at this, you can change your reality to one that is happy, harmonious and joyful.

The Law of Attraction works in this way…

Whatever you focus your thoughts and feelings on, will become your experience.

In your question you tell me about all the bad things that are going on in your life, every bad situation and experience. These are your focused thoughts and feelings, and this is what you are creating.

The good news here is that just by switching your attention, by switching your thoughts and feelings, everything will change for the better.

Here’s what you need to do, and please, please follow this through, it will work…

Get yourself a notebook, and write on the front, “Things I Like Best About…”

On the first page, start a list of all the things you like best about Yourself.

On the second page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Life.

On the third page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Mother.

On the fourth page, start a list of all the things you like best about Family.

On the fifth page, start a list of all the things you like best about Where You Live.

And keep going
with a new page for anyone or thing that you are feeling negative about.

It doesn’t matter if you can only write one thing down for now, just keep thinking, and keep adding to your “Things I Like Best About…” book.

Each morning and each evening, regardless of what’s happened that day, read through your book, and contemplate the good feelings of what you like best, if more positive thoughts come to mind, add them.

Now you are aware of some positive feelings, you will need to become a little more aware of how you are feeling, are you feeling good, or are you feeling bad?

If you are feeling bad, what are you feeling bad about, your Life, your Mother, your Family or your Home?

Whichever it is, simply repeat your list about that particular situation and try to feel the good feelings, or if it is a new situation, start a new list.

Whenever you face an experience that is not positive, simply switch your thoughts to the positives parts of that experience.

If your Mother starts nagging you, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about your Mother are ……”

If your bored in your hometown, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about Where I Live are ……”

If your sick with your family, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about My Family are ……”

Adjust your vibration to the very best of what’s on offer, and the very best of what is available will keep showing up.

The answer is not running away to find a different experience, you create your reality, and when you run away, you will only be creating a similar experience away from the people who love and care for you.

If you follow this through, you will start to shift your thoughts and feelings towards the positive. Once you are feeling positive, you will experience positive.

But more than that, when you shift your focus to a positive, you will no longer be introverted and lazy, because motivation, direction and ambition belong to positive people.

You will also find happiness, the best of you, the smarter you and the more attractive you.

If you do this, everything will start to go right…

I really do hope you follow this through, you are young and can master this better than most. And once you do, your world shall be at your feet.

Please keep me posted and let me know how you are getting on.


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by: Wendy

sir, thankyou very much for your suggestions. I will try them out ASAP and let you know how am getting on.... thankyou once again :)

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