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by Ruth

I have read the answers for why one cannot manifest on someone else's behalf especially in the situation for getting an ex back, but I am bit confused in other aspects. For instance when we apply for a job we visualise getting the job etc but in order to get the job doesn't someone else make the decision?

So in a sense are we not manifesting someone else to do to something that we want?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I can understand why you find this a bit confusing, after all, doesn’t any aspect of our realities affect the people who are a part of our experiences.

When you think about it, every situation we find ourselves in, good are bad, affects every situation of the people we share our experiences with, and in essence, we always manifest a reality for someone else.

It is easier to understand this when you think of the Law of Attraction, as a Law of Harmony.

To describe the Law of Attraction I would say that our experiences, represent a match for our vibration. That is, that our predominant thoughts and emotions cause us to experience a reality to match the way we think, and the way we feel.

We vibrate, and the Law of Attraction aligns the circumstance, the events, and the people, to manifest an experience, as a match to the way we vibrate.

The circumstance, events, and people manifested in our experience, must be in harmony with our predominant thoughts and feelings. Yet, as we cannot cause someone else to experience something other than a reality as a match to their vibration, the reality experienced by you, and the reality experienced by the people in your experience, must be a cooperative harmonious match to everyone concerned.

Each circumstance, event, and person manifested in your experience, must be a cooperative part of the process. Your reality must be a harmonious match to your vibration, as well as a harmonious match to the vibration of the people you are associated with.

For instance when you apply for a job you visualise getting the job, but in order to get the job, the reality of the experience you will have at this job, must match your vibration, as well as the vibration of the employer you are seeking employment from.

This highlights the importance of letting go, because as you visualize your perfect job, you let go of the how, why, where and when, and allow the Law of Attraction to align a perfect match to your vibration, as well as a match to the people involved in the new, manifested experience.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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