People Come Into Your Life For A Reason.

by John Peace

I came across this video a few weeks ago but hadn’t got around to writing an introduction to it. Then early today I had a conversation that just seemed to fit the message of the video perfectly, so I thought I’d share it with you.

As you can imagine, because of the subject of this website and the amount of time I think and consider the Law of Attraction, the family conversations can get quite deep.

Just today my son asked me what my views were on marriage and how the Law of Attraction played its part, particularly in marriage breakdown, something that he has had first hand experience of as I am no longer married to his mother.

Can someone who follows the idea of the Law of Attraction be accused of being selfish and irresponsibility, when if faced with unhappiness at home, they were to pursue their desires regardless of their husbands and wife’s thoughts? After all, haven’t they made a vow to these people to stay until death do us part?

My answer went like this…..

There can be no better union than the union of two loving souls. However, for as long as our happiness is dependent upon our partners, we surrender our ability to be happy to someone else.

To need another person to act and behave in a certain way in order for us to be happy places the power of our own happiness outside of ourselves, then if they fail to meet our expectations we will tend to focus on what we do not want, and as the Law of Attraction aligns us to the experiences we focus on, our reality becomes something unwanted.

In this case the union of loving souls is no longer expanding and the purpose of life, Joy, moves further and further away.

But to join with another without demand or expectation, simply in Love, then this union of loving souls shall be an ever-expanding joyful experience.

So, I am not against the institution of marriage, just the demands and expectations we place on it.

In other words, “people come into your life for a reason”, so don’t place any demands on them and I am sure that you will gain from every relationship you have.

People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

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