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by puja

I want to meet my close friend from abroad. Some way or another my friend’s arrival to me, seems to get postponed.

I have been waiting for his arrival for the past 6 years, and I cannot believe that there is no hope, that I will see my friend again.

My friends always tell me to be patient and to keep hoping that we will meet soon.

Tell me how to see my friend again, and how to use law of attraction in my case?

During the night I feel very pessimistic that I will not see my friend again.

The law of attraction works for me for smaller goals like expecting a party, and a nice get together.

But for longer-term goals I am not sure whether the law of attraction works.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Hi Puja,

The Law of Attraction says that we bring into our lives whatever we give our attention, energy and focus on.

That we attract our experience through thought, good or bad, wanted or unwanted.

You start your letter saying, “I want to meet my close friend from abroad”, but unfortunately “just wanting” will not bring him to you. It is the expectation of him “not coming” which you keep experiencing.

Your thought and words are “I cannot believe” and “there is no hope”. You are expressing feelings of “pessimism” about seeing your friend again. Your mindset is entertaining your fear, and you are experiencing what you are giving your attention, energy and focus on.

The Law of Attraction is already working for you! It’s just that you are focusing on the wrong things.

So how do you change your focus?

At the moment your concentration is on the pain of being apart, rather than on the pleasure of being together.

Sitting for 15 to 20 minutes visualizing spending time together, will be beneficial to you.

As a daily exercise, find a quiet space, sit upright, close your eyes and start to visualize.

Play a movie in your mind, imagining your friends arrival, your reaction and try to feel the emotion, imagine your journey back to your home.

What will you talk about?

How will you both feel?

Imagine yourself spending time together.

Where will you go?

What will you do?

What will you see?

Feel the feelings, smell the smells, here the sounds and see the sights, together!

Start to live in anticipation, in expectation and stake your claim.

Affirmations will also help, write your own affirmation stating your gratitude and your goal, and repeat your affirmation as if it is already a reality, something like the following.

“I am so happy and grateful that we have found each other, and that we are able to share so many experiences, together”

To add some power, attach a photograph of your friend to your affirmation, so that when you look at your photo you repeat the affirmation, instead of affirming your previous focus of longing, wanting, hoping and missing.


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PS Let me know when you’re together, I’ll expect to here from you soon!!

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Mar 14, 2009
I quite agree
by: Anonymous

I'm sure that if you follow these ideas, you'll get some results, fast

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