Using Positive Affirmations

Can positive affirmations speed up the Law of Attraction, allowing you to manifest your dreams, quicker than you thought possible?

Yes they can, but you need to understand how they work!

It has been a necessity as a child to develop, automatic and self rehearsed, subconscious behaviour patterns.

This automatic response is essential for our survival, as we need to react quickly to situations that we face from day to day.

This subconscious 'brain training', gives us the instinct and ability to walk down the street, without having to employ each muscle individually by our conscious mind.

It gives us the ability to drive a car, to play an instrument, to juggle.

In fact it gives us our human dexterity, our fine motor skills and allows us to multi task.

So What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is every thought or word we say, whether to ourselves or out loud.

Some of these thoughts work with us, while other thoughts will work against us, stopping us from achieving our goals and desires.

Most people have been able to make bad use of negative beliefs or 'Negative Self-Scripts', and before we become positively affirming we need to learn about the effects of negativism in our lives.

What are Negative Self-Scripts

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Negative Self-Scripts are ideas and beliefs about ourselves that are self-damaging, these are ideas about our own personality and ability that have we have passed to our subconscious, through bad or undesirable life experiences.

Negative Self-Scripts are negative beliefs you have about yourself, which you remind yourself daily by sprinkling your everyday conversation. Self-deprecating remarks, which influence your behaviour or beliefs.

These could include negative descriptions given to you by members of your family or peer group when you were younger, that you hold even to this day or possibly negative feedback you get from your spouse, boss, teacher, colleagues, children, parents, relatives, or others that you take personally, and incorporate into your personal belief system.

They could also be negative self-images you have of your body, looks, face, weight, colouring, hair, feet, or other parts of your body, or maybe negative assessment you or others have made of your skills, ability, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, or common sense. You have agreed with this internally and, thus, believe it true of you.

Negative Self-Scripts could include negative stories about your past behaviour, failures, or performances that you run over in your mind and influence your current conduct or maybe attitudes about the possibility of your achievement of success in your life.

Here are some other ways that Negative Self-Scripts can be shown;

Feelings of anger, resentment, hostility, rage or guilt

Negative prophecies that you or others have made about yourself, your future, your success, your relationships, your family, or your health

Ways in which you deny yourself rewards for your goodness, hard work and caring

Feelings of over-responsibility with which you burden yourself.

Dread and fear you have when facing your future; the belief that you do not have what it takes to survive or to be successful in whatever circumstances you face.

Feelings of failure you harbour about real or imagined mistakes in the past and your "assured'' failures in the future.

Feelings of jealousy and inferiority.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Very simply, positive affirmations are short positive statements, designed to replace negative beliefs, with positive self-nurturing beliefs.

Although the idea of the use of positive affirmation and meditation is often associated to some New Age "hocus pocus", nothing could be farther from the truth. These ideas are based on sound solid medical facts, and deal with the science of your mind and neural biology.

Positive affirmations are no mystery to you, in fact you have used them many times before.

Its that sentence you kept saying to yourself when you were learning to ride a bike, its your determination, do you think that you could ever have ridden down the street, if your thoughts and beliefs were, 'I can not'.

A positive affirmations is every sentence that you have said to yourself in determination to succeed, always starting with 'I will' or 'I can'.

Every day, we each "speak" to ourselves, providing feedback on how we're doing. Usually it's negative feedback. As a result, we feel worse and can possibly end up in a rut.

By changing your "Self-Talk," you can actually begin to feel better.

You can reprogram our minds to enjoy greater happiness, wealth, confidence, love, success, health - and more. Just by changing what you say to yourself.

Author Bradley Thompson has just created a website, showing you the precise steps you need to follow to change your own Self-Talk.

It's an amazing system, and I highly encourage you to visit Bradley Thompson Self-Talk website. I guarantee you'll be blown away by this, as I was!

Using Positive Affirmations

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to achieve everything they desire, while some are unable to realize even their basic desires? The answer lies in your ability to program your mind using affirmations, images and visualizations, then back it all up with action steps everyday!!

Follow this link to listen to these Affirmation MP3's

When you are writing positive affirmations, it is important to structure each thought or statement as a 'belief'. You must believe.

The bigger the gap between the perceived negative inner truth and the expressed positive affirmations, the more challenging, and possibly the more damaging, this exercise will be.

Therefore, start this exercise using small believable positive thoughts and statements and practise.

Any affirmation exercise

would involve, repeating words of positive affirmations with passion and conviction and for as long as you do so, you will consistently breakdown your subconscious negative beliefs, no matter how 'set in concrete' they may seem.

If you are uncomfortable with positive affirmations and statements, take it down a step, listen to your emotions, far better to chip away in small steps, than fall at the foot of an 'Everest' of a negative, and undermine the whole process.

Similarly, if you are experiences a sense of exhilaration at an affirmation, you are responding in a way that 'your mind knows this to be true', it is working.

Starting this process is the first step, small steps are easier, but finishing each step is the key.

Charles Haanel, in his book The Master Key, tells us that one of the strongest positive affirmations you can use, to strengthen the will and realize your power to accomplish, is,

"I can be what I will to be."

He tells us that....

"Every time you repeat this positive affirmation realize who and what this "I" is; try to come into a understanding of the true nature of the "I"; if you do, you will become invincible; that is, provided that your objects and purposes are constructive and are therefore in harmony with the creative principle of the Universe."

We use the audio version of Haanel Master Key Book, in the Law-of-Attraction-Guide training programme, Unlock The Power of You,

Charles Haanel tell us to "Hold in mind the condition desired and affirm it as an already existing fact".

It is far better to write your own affirmations, by pinpointing your own negative self scripts and targeting changes that you would like to see in your life. It is also possible to use more general pre-written positive affirmations.

An affirmation is every thought or word we say, whether to ourselves or out loud. Some of these thoughts work with us, while other thoughts will work against us, stopping us from achieving our goals and desires.

I have compiled a list of affirmations and categorized them as follows;

Money Affirmations For Prosperity and Abundance
Here are some prosperity or money affirmation, repeat these affirmations with passion and conviction, if you are uncomfortable take it down a step, listen to your emotions.

Daily Affirmations Page.
Repeat daily affirmation phrases with passion and conviction, if you are uncomfortable take it down a step, listen to your emotions. If you are experiences a sense of exhilaration, you are responding in a way that 'your mind knows this to be true', it is working.

Love Affirmations
Love affirmations to help you feel in a positive way to apply the Law of Attraction in relationships.

Another good source of pre-written positive affirmations can be taken from Ernest Holmes's book The Science of Mind. This book deals with the principles of Creation, God and the Law of Attraction and Holmes devotes a whole chapter, to the most comprehensive list of affirmations I have seen.

To read The Science of Mind, enrol at our training programme Unlock The Power of You.

If you have read Ernest Holmes list of positive affirmations, you will see that many affirmations reference God. Why?

I have written in many pages, about the connection between Spirituality and the Law of Attraction. I have also stated that one of the first self help books ever written, is the Old Testament.

To apply the Law of Attraction, we cover various methods, visualization, affirmations and meditations. We find these very same teachings in the Bible, visualizations and meditation in the form of prayer and The Bible is full of words of affirmation.

Affirmation Tools

The purpose of a positive affirmation is to change your negative self-script and of course there are many ways to help your mental retraining.

Traditionally you would repeat positive affirmation, to assert your desired belief and cancel your negative undesired belief, but of course there are ways to help this process along.

The positive affirmations exercise page has some great tips on using affirmation cards.

Vision Boards are great tools and can be made quite inexpensively, you can also get Affirmation Software for your computer, which is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the screen.

There are also Affirmation MP3 and CD's on the market that claim to be scientifically proven to train your brain to go into the ideal mental state for focused visualization, so you can harness the full power of The Law of Attraction.

Video is another great tool and we have included some great examples on the affirmation video page

Two programs that are really effective are Bradley Thompson Self-Talk and BreakHabits.

Bradley Thompson Self-Talk works by changing your "Self-Talk," so that you can actually begin to feel better. You can then reprogram your mind to enjoy greater happiness, wealth, confidence, love, success, health - and more.

BreakHabits helps you to brak habits that chip away at the life you could be living. These bad habits stifle your potential to make the money you deserve... They hold you back from enjoying rewarding personal relationships... And they prevent you from looking and feeling GREAT!

Another great program is BrainBullet, and by using this tool, you can "activate" advanced thinking, super-learning, success magnetism, inject new personality traits (instantly) and dissolve any annoying bad habits... in a flash.

Helpful Positive Affirmations Resources

Meditation Techniques
Give you the ability to change virtually any condition in your life, in other words, you can attain mastery of life.

Has some great techniques to writing affirmations with some pre-written phrases and statements for you to use.

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