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Lesson Seventeen

Lesson Seventeen-Symbols and Reality

"What you resist persists." Carl Jung

Here’s another visualization tool from the Secret team.

Again, read the words and feel them with all your heart.

From all at The Secret, we celebrate you, we give thanks for you and we wish you a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Game of Life And How to Play It-Introduction
By Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was a woman ahead of her time. To many, she is considered to be among the likes of James Allen, the author of “As a Man Thinketh, Wallace D.Wattles, the author of The Science of Getting Rich and Napoleon Hill who wrote the classic Think and Grow Rich.

Miss Shinn was an artist, an author and a metaphysics teacher in New York in the early part of the 20th century. Her books are remarkable and revolutionary in her times. They are profound, full of wisdom and have inspired thousands of people for several decades.

Game of Life and How to Play it-Introduction

The Game of Life And How to Play It-Chapter One-The Game
By Florence Scovel Shinn

Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.

It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus Christ taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

"Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." This means that whatever man sends out in word or deed, will return to him; what he gives, he will receive.

If he gives hate, he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if he gives criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies he will be lied to; if he cheats he will be cheated. We are taught also, that the imaging faculty plays a leading part in the game of life.

"Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life." (Prov. 4:23.)

Game of Life and How to Play it-Chapter One-The Game

The Master Key-Lesson 17-Symbols and Reality

The kind of Deity which a man, consciously or unconsciously worships, indicates that intellectual status of the worshipper.

Ask the Indian of God, and he will describe to you a powerful chieftain of a glorious tribe. Ask the Pagan of God, and he will tell you of a God of fire, a God of water, a God of this, that and the other.

Ask the Israelites of God, and he will tell you of the God of Moses, who convinced it expedient to rule by coercive measures. Or of Joshua, who lead the Israelites into battle, confiscated property, murdered the prisoners and laid waste to cities.

The so-called heathen made "graven images" of their Gods, whom they were accustomed to worship, but among the most intelligent, at least, these images were but the visible fulcrums with which they were enable to mentally concentrate on the qualities which they desired to externalize in their lives.

We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love, but in practice we make for ourselves "graven images" of "Wealth", "Power", "Fashion", "Custom", and "Conventionality". We "fall down" before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized in our lives.

The student who masters the contents of Part Seventeen will not mistake symbols for the reality; he will be interested in cause, rather than effects. He will concentrate on the realities of life, and will then not be disappointed in the results.

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