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Lesson Three

Lesson Three-Realizing Your Mental Resource

"Whether you think you can or can't either way you are right."
Henry Ford

This weeks Video is an Affirmation Video.

From the publisher; “Watch daily to remove blocks & re-program your life for all-around success, based on The Secret wisdom of Dr. Joe Vitale (author, consultant, multi-millionaire -- he is living proof it works!

This is my 1st Mindmovie. Hope this inspires you, as much as I have felt inspired putting it together!

The more we can feel inspired, the more we can get in alignment with our greater good, so find what inspires you and indulge in it.”

Try and watch this video before doing your Master Key Exercise

The Law of Success-Chapter Three-Self-Confidence by Napoleon Hill

"You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!"

”AMIDST all the mysteries by which we are surrounded, nothing is more certain than that we are in the presence of an Infinite and Eternal Energy from which all things proceed.” Herbert Spencer.

BEFORE approaching the fundamental principles upon which this lesson is founded it will be of benefit to you to keep in mind the fact that it is practical - that it brings you the discoveries of more than twenty-five years of research-that it has the approval of the leading scientific men and women of the world who have tested every principle involved.

Scepticism is the deadly enemy of progress and self-development. You might as well lay this book aside and stop right here as to approach this lesson with the feeling that it was written by some long-haired theorist who had never tested the principles upon which the lesson is based..

The Law of Success-Chapter Three- Self-Confidence

The Master Key- Lesson 3 Realizing Your Mental Resource

You have found that the Individual may act on the Universal, and that the result of this action and interaction is cause and effect.

Thought therefore is the cause, and the experiences with which you meet in life are the effect.

Eliminate therefore any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like them to be.

Direct your effort to a realization of the mental resources, always at your command, from which all real and lasting power comes.

Persist in the practice till you come to a realization of the fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishments of any proper object in life. If you but understand your power and persist in your object, because the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will, in the effort to crystallize thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.

Whereas in the beginning, each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought, the habitual actions become automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm of the sub-conscious; yet it is just as intelligent as before. It is necessary that it become automatic or sub-conscious, in order that the self-conscious mind may attend to other things. The new actions will however, in their turn, become habitual, then automatic, then sub-conscious in order that the mind again may be freed from this detail and advanced to still other activities.

When you realize this you will have found a source of power, which will enable you to take care of any situation in life which may develop.

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