Practicing LOA Am I Out Of Touch With Reality?

I have been following your Law of Attraction QuickStart program for the last two weeks or so, and I managed to change my attitude with most of my work colleagues were remarking about my happiness and positivity in all things.

I was feeling great and was sure the things I've desired were coming to me. I had started seeing some of them manifesting already.

Last week however, I had an argument with my hubby and he said that I have changed since I started reading and practicing LOA and am no longer in touch with our reality!!! That am behaving like someone who is in a cult that refuses to recognize their current world!!

This has really crushed me and am not sure whether to believe him or ignore that feedback. I wonder what am doing wrong? I feel like am currently negating all my positive vibrations as I struggle with this.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It is important to realize that as you learn about the Law of Attraction there will be changes in the way people behave and act towards you. Most will see you as positive, happy and optimistic, as your work colleagues have.

But others like your husband could see this new positive, happy and optimistic you, as someone who is not facing up to their reality as it is today.

The question is, does your positive, happy and optimistic attitude mean that you are not facing reality, or just that you are looking at reality from a positive, happy and optimistic view point.

The Law of Attraction says that we create our reality from the way we think and feel, or the way we vibrate. But whatever our reality is, we cannot avoid facing it, we cannot avoid experiencing some of the things we do not want, as much as we cannot avoid experiencing some of the things we do want.

Our experience is contrast, a mix of wanted and unwanted, and we experience this mix so that we can define what it is we want.

How would you ever know hot unless there was cold? Its not that hot is good and cold bad, they are just different, and for us to choose what we want, we have to experience the difference.

Most people go through their lives not actually facing reality, but reacting to it, and usually they react in such a way that they create exactly what it is they do not want.

But you have taken a different route. Yes you are facing your reality, but instead of reacting in the usual way, you are analyzing your reality and your thoughts towards it, you are defining what you think and what you feel for the purpose of defining what you would like to experience.

If you respond to your reality in a positive, happy and optimistic way, instead of a negative, sad and pessimistic way, are you not still facing the same reality?

Its not that responding in a positive, happy and optimistic way is wrong, its just that its unusual, and because most people don’t react in this way, many others may think that you’re unusual to.

Another point to make here is that this is something you believe in and are following, and as such, should be left at that. Believe and follow these methods and the results shall become evident in your reality, but resist the temptation to make others believe and follow in the same way.

If you are noticing that your husband doesn’t believe or want to follow this process, are you offering this reality thought and feeling? Are you reacting to a reality you do not want, by offering what you do not want thought and emotion, and therefore including it in your vibration?

And as you create your reality from the way you think and feel, or the way you vibrate, are you creating a reality in which people do not believe or want to follow your ideas? If so, for as long as your husband can be a cooperative part of this reality, he will continue to manifest this experience to you.

To overcome this experience and improve your relationship with your husband, you need to think of him in another way.

You need to never talk about, complain about and be frustrated about your husband’s way of thinking.

You need to switch your attention from the things unwanted in your husband, to the things wanted.

You need to talk about, be grateful for and feel happy about, all the good things in your relationship, by focusing on the things you would never change about him, instead of the things you would.

But this doesn’t just go for your relationships, this is how you would change any unwanted reality you were experiencing.

Never talk about, complain about and be angry about any reality you have.

Switch your attention from the things unwanted in your life, to the things wanted.

Talk about, be grateful for and feel happy about, all the good things in your experience.

Focusing on the things you would never change about your life, instead of the things you would.

It does not matter whether or not your husband changes what he believes, because as your vibration changes so will your experiences, and by focusing on the very best of what you have, only the very best of what you desire will come.

I definitely think that you would benefit from following my Law of Attraction WorkBook, 30-Days To Raise Your Vibration, it is probably the key you have been missing to get these methods to work.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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