Regarding Other People

by Annie

Does the Law of Attraction work when it comes to influence other people e.g to fall in love with you or marry you? I can understand that it can surely work when it comes to gaining money or buying your dream house, but what happens when we want to attract another person?

How can we make it work? Or can we?

What I have to do to get over my back, eyes and motivation problems?

Hi. I need some advice from experts. Overall my health is very good, but I feel some pain in my back quite a few months now.

What do I have to think or do to over come this issue?

The second issue is about my eyes. I'm short-sighted.

What do I have to do to get eyes back to normal?

And the most disturbing issue is about my motivation. I'm finishing my high school and I have to do all my exams and other stuff to end this school.

What advice do you have for this problem?

I have done affirmations such as I'm perfect health, I'm very active etc.

Am I doing something wrong?

My motivation is lowering all the time and I'm getting worried about my marks and exam points.

I feel little bit hopeless.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction gives you the experiences that you resonate within, it also gives me the experiences that resonate within me, as it does with everyone else.

You therefore cannot manifest into another’s reality, as another’s reality can only be a match to what resonates within them.

With that said, it is still possible to find love by using the Law of Attraction, but not with a specific person. Learn to “Live the Spirit” of being in love, and love shall be your experience.

This idea of “Living the Spirit” of the things you want, goes to all aspects of your life.

Learn to “Live the Spirit” of achieving the exam results you desire, the health you desire, and the enthusiasm you desire, and these shall be your experiences.

But can you pass your exams, just by living the spirit of passing?

Probably not, so if your desired goal needs a certain skill or application, learn to “Live the Spirit” of gaining that skill, or applying yourself.

Visualize yourself working and studying to achieve your knowledge to pass your exams, visualize yourself walking into the examination room with confidence, visualize yourself taking the exam and answering each question with ease, visualize yourself finishing your exam with the feeling of relief that you were able to answer each question.

And finally visualize yourself opening your results envelope and seeing the results you want to see.

When I say visualize, I mean truly visualize. Play the film in your head as if it is happening know, feel the feelings, smell the smells, touch what can be touched, get into the emotion of what it is like, and truly “Live the Spirit” of having it now.

The power is in the moment, not in the past or in the future, you have the power, now.

If you need help with goal setting and visualization, sign up for my free mini-course called Unlock The Power of You

You’ll find some great tools to help you master these ideas.

I would also suggest using Mind Maps, to accelerate your learning. Tony Buzan’s books are the best Mind Map books available. I would recommend How to Mind Map: The Ultimate Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life, but you can also get lots of information on Mind Mapping online.


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