Relationship Problems

by Dave

I have been seeing this young lady on a regular basis and we have been out many times, for lunch and night's out. She was very fragile, but she was responding to me and enjoying my company, she kissed me a few times and let slip she loved me.

But interference from some friends has made things difficult, she now says, she does not want to take things further, but still likes me. She had been drinking at the time and I was not there.

I am using the Law of Attraction, as I feel she still loves me. I am not selfish there was something there; we had great rapport and fantastic eye contact.

I have inner calmness about me and I have no negative thoughts, this just feels right.

But she still has problems with her ex texting all the time. We can be good together, my sub conscious mind has been on remote control when talking to her and it has come up with all the right suggestions, so I am going to plough on with the law of attraction.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You cannot consciously choose to use the Law of Attraction, it is a Law, it is at work at all times, and everything you experience is a result of Law in Action.

It is your thoughts and actions that define your experiences, through the Law of Attraction, whether you are conscious of it, or not.

The Law of Attraction isn’t something you can choose to turn on or off, but you can choose to live in harmony with it, and you can do this by choosing your thoughts and actions.

You say that you have no negative thoughts, yet, by writing your concerns for your relationship, you are demonstrating a fear of losing this friend.

You are talking from a fear of loss, rather than expectation of sharing, and as your focus, your thoughts, and your actions are centered around the possibility of loss, you are much more likely to make that your experience.

I have said it many times in answer to similar questions, that you cannot manifest in an others reality, in other words, your friend’s thoughts will result in your friend’s experiences, and you cannot control that.

However you can give your friend patience, understanding, companionship, support and affection, and you can also apply the Law of Attraction to find love and happiness.

However, you cannot choose the source of this love and happiness, where it will come from is not under our control, but at least by offering your friend a true friendship, you leave the door open.


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