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I wrote a previous blog called 'Relationships' a few months back, and you posted you reply last week. Thank you, it really helped.

A lot has happened since then and I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your reply to my previous query.

I went on a four-week course, in which I learnt how to apply the law of attraction to my life. It was amazing, it changed my life; and I began to realise so many things.

During the course I created affirmations for myself.

In that class I forgave, thanked and apologised to my ex, and it felt great.

Even though I did not get any reply from him, it felt like it was some sort of weight of my shoulders and I felt like a bigger and a better person for doing it.

I decided to let go of the past relationship, we shared a beautiful time together and it's something that I won't forget; however as you said,

“You cannot manifest in an others reality.”

As much as I wanted to be back in that relationship, that workshop made me realise that I think all I really wanted was to be in a relationship, not necessarily be in a relationship with him.

Therefore I started saying my affirmations on a daily basis, it felt great but it was and still is hard to forget him. I try really hard, and I try to push the thoughts away, however, they say,

“'whatever you resist, persists.”

So I thought the best thing to do was, let the thoughts be; and continue to say my affirmations. As time goes on, I will slowly create a fixed thought in my head that I am and will be with someone else.

You said in the previous blog,

“The Law of Attraction says that you bring into your life, whatever you strongly focus upon, whether you want it or not.”

Are you saying that if I think about him, I am still attracting him into my life?

I tend to think about the memories we shared together and him in general from time to time, I try my best not to, but it can be difficult.

And also, my affirmation that I repeat to myself everyday is,

“I am in a happy, loving, honest and committed relationship with my mature, fun and respectable soul-mate,”

The term soul-mate to me means, people who are meant to be together, who are destined to be together; if lets say my ex is my soul-mate and we broke up so that we would go our different ways to learn a lesson of some sort and then end up together, is that possible?

Or am I looking into something a bit too much?

I don't know whether I making sense, but if my ex was my soul-mate wouldn't we be together by now?

Thank you for all you help
Hope to hear from you soon

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Hi again and thanks for your kind comments,

Congratulations on your steps forward, it is important that you put these ideas and thoughts into action, as you so clearly have.

It is the kind of action that you have taken that will forever keep you moving forward.

Do not be tempted by your previous ‘wrong thinking’ as it is so easy to take one step forward, and two steps back, you are on the right track.

But do not fear your memories, instead embrace the good ones, and learn from the bad ones.

Remember the great times you had, and sew them into your great future. Not a future of ‘maybes’ or ‘if onlys’ but into your future of joy and happiness.

Yes the Law of Attraction will bring into your life, whatever you strongly focus upon, whether you want it or not, but as you have already discovered, you cannot attract your ex into your life, it cannot be done.

If you keep focuses on ‘wanting’ to be with your ex, you will only manifest a greater feeling of ‘want.’

You have to stop.

You have already had let him go once, and I’m sure you found that hard, do really want to build up your desire and expectation again, so you have to let him go again.

If you focus on the feelings of love and happiness, and vibrate with your entire being on these feelings, it will be impossible to keep them from you.

You will move towards the best cause of love and happiness for you with whom ever that will be.

Have a look at The Sedona Method for letting go, this page has a simple exercise which is really effective.

The Sedona Method.

Keep up the good work, keep up the good feeling and stop worrying so much


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