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Religion and Spirituality New Age theories show us that all power is from within and is absolutely under our control.

The following thoughts expand on the work done by Ernest Holmes in his book The Science of Mind, and help us to ubnderstand the nature of being and why things are the way they are.

Man is made of three parts, a self-conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a body.

He is conscious mind or spirit.

He is subconscious mind or mental law, and He is body.

The conscious mind controls the subconscious, and in turn, the subconscious controls the body.

We also know that man comes from God, Life or Nature, whichever we choose to call it.

If it is true that we come from nature, nature must be life, as there is no way of getting something from something, unless it is there in the first place.

Because man is something, he must have been made from, or come out of something, and that something must be what we call God.

The Threefold Nature of God

In understanding these religion and spirituality new age ideas, we have to come to the conclusion that God is threefold in nature.

This is because what is true of us must be true of God (What is true of the part, must be true of the whole). So God is also made of three parts, God is Spirit (Conscious), Law in Action (Sub-conscious) and God is result or body.

In other words God is Cause, Medium and Effect.

The Trinity of Being.

All things tend to be threefold in nature, a seed for instance is cause, the medium is soil; and the result the plant, or electricity as cause, the laws of electricity being the way it works and its results in light, heat or motion.

As Jesus said, "thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," Heaven being cause, Gods will being medium and Earth the effect.

There must always be a trinity of being, The Thing, What The Thing Does and How it Does it.

But in God and Man there is a Self Conscious Spirit, a self-knowing that knows itself, this sets Man and God aside.

There is still a trinity of being, The Thing, What The Thing Does and How it Does it, but in God and Man The Thing knows itself.

Conscious Mind in God and Man.

In Religion and spirituality new age, the self-knowing nature of Man and God, allows us not to exist above and independently of law, but to consciously use law for a definite purpose.

Jesus told us that God and Man are One in Real Nature, this understanding must be the source of his marvellous power.

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Religion And Spirituality New Age: Unity

There is no record of any Deep Thinker or Great Teacher, that has taught Duality, Moses taught us that, "That the Lord our God is one Lord." The saying, "I AM that I AM," was old before Moses was born, as it had been inscribed over the temple entrances for generations. We may go back much farther than Moses and find the same teaching, for it crops out from the literatures and sayings of the wise of all ages.

Jesus taught this when He said, "I and the Father are One," and in the saying, "The Father that dwelleth in me."

This teaching of Unity is the cornerstone of religious teaching, East and West, Ancient Scripture to New Age.

Science has found nothing to contradict this teaching, and it never will, for the teaching is self-evident.

Religion And Spirituality New Age: Duality

In the development of early Intelligent Man, his thought brought him to an idea that there were many Gods. As Man experienced different kinds of misfortune and difficulties, it was a natural development to put blame on the Gods, and as Man has always experienced many difficulties, he needed many Gods, Devils and Evils to blame.

But as Intelligent Man's understanding grew, he realised that there could not be many powers, as the Cause of Everything must begin with one, Unity.

But to this day, Man has had a misguided idea of Unity. We're taught and preached Unity, yet at the same time we are taught Duality. We are taught that Good comes from one place and Evil from another, a duality of Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil or God and The Devil.

A Universe divided against itself.

The Result In A Belief In Duality

spiritual pictures spiritual art

Religion and spirituality new age explores the belief in duality and its results.

The belief in duality has robbed theology of power and has polluted philosophy with untruths; it has divided science against itself and has made countless thousands go through life with saddened hearts.

The belief in duality has given rise in theology to the idea of a God and a devil, each with equal power to impose upon man a blessing or a curse, and men have worshiped a devil just as easily as they have worshiped a God.

Many men and teachers of Scriptures have claimed to be teaching the Word of God by preaching a fear of damnation.

A threatening chant of "follow my word, the Word of God, or be cast into the darkness, thrown to the fire and burn in Hell"

This is an appalling thought, and an even more appalling way to teach!

Yes it gets attention, but to what end?

To congregate a group of poor individuals to fall to their knees in fear of destruction and condemnation is a desperate act, and a desperate way to teach.

In their defence, such lessons must be taught from the belief that they speak the truth.

But the time has come for a clearer understanding of the true Nature of God. That there is a God is difficult to deny, but a God of Vengeance and Hate? A God of Destruction and Rage?

Could we truly believe that such a God exists, and keep our sanity?

The most that we can believe about such a God, is that there is no such being.

A study of these Religion and spirituality new age theories show us that the belief in duality has also robbed science, in that it has created Spirit and matter; i.e., a dual universe.

However, modern science is rapidly giving out a different idea of the universe; for with the passing of matter into a hypothetical and theoretical ether there is but little left on which to hang any belief in materialism.

We now are told that all matter is in a constant state of flow; that it all comes from one source; and that it will eventually return to that source.

Religion and Spirituality New Age theories show us that all power is from within and is absolutely under our control

An Awakening

The world is waking up to the fact that things are not what they appear to be, what is matter? What is form? What is life?

Religion and spirituality new age thinking is leading us to an awakening

What this life is, science does not attempt to explain. This has been left to theology, and whether or not it has been delegated to those competent to handle the problem time alone will tell.

The difficulty of true philosophy has been the necessity of explaining Creation with a single or Unitary Cause.

We live in a world of constant change. Things come and go continuously; forms appear only to disappear; things happen only to stop happening; and it is no wonder that we have believed that there were many causes to these unexplained things.

The philosophers of all times have had great difficulty explaining how just One Cause could manifest Itself in many forms without dividing or breaking up the One.

This has not been easy, yet, when understood, the explanation becomes very apparent.

spiritual pictures spiritual art

Jesus taught us that, "God Dwells Within Us." But how can everything be of One, First Cause? And how could God be in Me, in You and in everyone and everything, and still be One God?

Everything we know will always go back to one. Of Man, if we could trace our ancestors back through All Intelligent Man, we would find the First, the One who said "I AM". All life on earth goes back to the First.

The First Cause of everything must then be One. If God created everything, God or Life, as First Cause can only be One. Life cannot be divided by itself, there can only be No Life or Life, there cannot be Half a Life.

If it is one then it can have no shape or form, it must be infinite,. If it had sides, a top and bottom, it would have to be in something, and if it was in something, it would have been created and then not be, First Cause.

If it has no form, no outer shape then what we see, must be within it. And any change we see, must be as a result of a conscious change within it.

Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent

Religion and spirituality new age theories give us the terms Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

There is but one Principle or Consciousness pervading the entire Universe, occupying all space, and being the same in kind at every point of its presence.

It is all powerful, all wisdom and always present.

All thoughts and things are within Itself. It is all in all.

There is one consciousness in the universe able to think, and since it is just one, we can say that it has complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things, it is an Omniscient consciousness

When it thinks, its thoughts become objective things to it, it's subconscious acts upon the physical world, it is Word or Law. This consciousness has great or unlimited authority, an almighty or infinite power, we could say it is, as God or Omnipotent.

It has no form, no beginning and no end, all manifestation of physical form are within it, all time and all space. This consciousness is Omnipresent, all around us and ever present.

As this consciousness is omnipresent, it must be present within every individual; each individual must be a manifestation of that Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Consciousness.

Cause and Effect

As there is only one consciousness able to think, it follows that your consciousness is identical to the Universal Consciousness, in other words, All Mind is One Mind.

The consciousness that focuses in your brain is the same consciousness, which focuses in the brains of every other individual.

Each individual is an individual part of the Universal, or Cosmic Mind.

The Universal Mind is potential energy; and it can manifest only through the individual, and the individual can manifest only through the Universal. They are one.

The ability of the individual to think is his ability to act on the Universal and bring it into manifestation.

Man consciousness consists only in the ability of man to think.

Mind in itself is believed to be a subtle form of static energy, from which arises the activities called 'thought', which is the dynamic phase of mind.

Mind is static energy, thought is dynamic energy - the two phases of the same thing.

All power is from within, and is absolutely under your control

Thought vibration is formed by converting static mind into dynamic mind.

All attributes of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Universal Mind, or God, must be present at all times in their potential form in every individual. So, when the individual thinks, the thought is compelled by its nature to embody itself in a condition, which will correspond with the thought.

Every thought therefore is a cause and every condition an effect; for this reason it is absolutely essential that you control your thoughts so as to bring forth only desirable conditions.

All power is from within, and is absolutely under your control; it comes through exact knowledge and by the voluntary exercises of exact principles.

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