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Section Two Contents Page

Use the page to navigate Section Two of Unlock The Power of You

Each of the links below leads to a study page, as with Section One treat this like a book, i.e. Start from the beginning and progress to the end.

Once you have read the Introduction Pages you will be ready to start the Unlock The Power of You, training pages.

Each training page has a video, book and audio section, with a weekly exercise to complete. Listen to Each Audio and Complete the Exercise Before Moving onto the Next

Please watch this short video explaining the need for exercise and training our thought.

Section Two Contents

Unlock The Power of You Introduction

Captain and Crew

Unlocking The Power of You

The Lessons

Lesson One-The Introduction

Lesson Two-The Basics of Your Mind

Lesson Three-Realizing Your Mental Resource

Lesson Four-Reversing the Process from Cause to Effect

Lesson Five-The Creative Mind

Lesson Six-The Brain of Man

Lesson Seven-Using Omnipotent Power

Lesson Eight-Thoughts and its Results

Lesson Nine-Affirmations and Your Mind

Lesson Ten-A Certain Definite Cause

Lesson Eleven-Inductive Reasoning and the Objective Mind

Lesson Twelve-The Power of Concentration

Lesson Thirteen-The Dreams of a Dreamer

Lesson Fourteen-The Creative Power of Thought

Lesson Fifteen-The Law Under Which We Live

Lesson Sixteen-Gaining Spiritual Understanding

Lesson Seventeen-Symbols and Reality

Lesson Eighteen-The Law of Attraction

Lesson Nineteen-Your Mental Food

Lesson Twenty-The Spirit of Things

Lesson Twenty-One-To Think Big Thoughts

Lesson Twenty-Two-Spiritual Seeds

Lesson Twenty-Three-The Law of Success is Service

Lesson Twenty-Four-Alchemy

The Final Word

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