The Sedona Method of Letting Go

The Sedona Method teaches you how to let go and drop the emotional baggage that keeps you from moving forward.

I have often said that the Law of Attraction would be better understood if we called it the Law of Vibration or the Law of Emotion.

This is because what we feel inside is mirrored by our experiences outside. It is our strongest underlying emotions that are the cause for the things, which keep turning up in our lives.

In other words, if my strongest underlying emotion is anger, I would experience more things to make me feel anger. Just as if my strongest underlying emotion is fear, I would experience more things to make me feel afraid.

So unless we let go of any strong negative emotions we have, we will never be able to live the lives we so desperately want.

The Sedona Method, developed by Lester Levenson, is a very simple tool to help us do that. It teaches you how to let go, how to dissolve unwanted emotional baggage and find peace.

Sedona Method Course

It works on the basis that letting go of negative emotion, as opposed to bottling it up or expressing it, is a far better way of dealing with our feelings.

Bottling negative emotion can have adverse effect on your aspirations and health, while expressing negative emotion, can have an adverse effect on your friends and in your relationships.

Sedona works in a very simple way, and involves asking yourself three very simple questions, 'Would I....' 'Could I...' and 'When...'

So a simple Sedona Exercise would go something like this....

  • "Would I let go of this feeling of __________?"

  • "Could I let go of this feeling of __________?"

  • "When will I let go of this feeling?"

To understand this idea a bit better, watch the Introduction Video below.

Introduction To The Sedona Method

Explore The Sedona Method & learn how it can change your life!

Achieve Wealth and Success
Master the game of wealth and success with greater ease and certainty. Find out why half of the teachers in the movie The Secret use this process.

Improve Relationships
You deserve loving, caring and healthy relationships! Find out how your life can be filled with love's joyous expression and bounty now.

Find Peace and Happiness
Right here, right now you can enjoy, peace, inner security, happiness, even bliss - no matter what is happening around you.

Experience Radiant Health and Well-being
Let go of anger, anxiety, stress, depression and grief. Free yourself to sleep better, have more energy, drop addictions and much more.

To learn how to practise The Sedona Method, visit The Sedona website.

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