Self Help Subliminals On Film

Self Help Subliminals on film are the most effective way to make use of subliminal messaging. Why?

Because they are not limited to audio alone, and making full use of your visual and audio senses multiplies the power the messages.

You can find plenty of free subliminals films online, but be very careful with them.

Some make very effective use of the visual aspect, but seem to leave the audio aspect to just music, rather than reinforcing the positive affirmations running in the film.

Another thing to watch out for is the construction of the affirmations playing. If they are not constructed properly, they can do you more damage than good. The trouble with subliminal messages is that as they are designed to be consciously invisible and inaudible, it is very difficult to analyze these videos properly.

Take a look at this page if you would like to discover how exactly subliminal messages work.

If you are going to use self-help subliminals in film, use DVDs from a reputable, and reviewable company.

At least you can research exactly how the messages are written, and what exactly you are programming your brain with.

Amazon carries a collection of subliminal DVDs, and I have included the best of these in my Amazon Subliminal DVD Online Shop.

Most of these DVDs have independent reviews so at least you can gather some information before you buy.

My only issue with buying this kind of DVD is that if you find it ineffective, not many companies will accept an opened DVD as a return. So you’re pretty much stuck with it.

The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection is a very viable alternative. Not only is it dollar for dollar, much better value than physical DVDs, it also comes with a full 90-Day guarantee, so you can give these films a good run in.

Bradley Thompson, one of the foremost producers of Self Help Subliminals there is, has put this collection of digital videos together.

Bradley is co-founder of the world’s largest hypnosis website, and consulted in the creation of the powerful Sleep Programming series. He probably knows more about subliminals than almost anyone on the planet today.

You also get an opportunity to view the self help Subliminals in the Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection, before you are committed to buy them. So at least you know what you are getting.

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