Should I Make The First Step

by Martina

I've been using the Law of Attraction for about two years, it has changed my life completely and I'm very grateful. I used to be very shy and hated myself and my life, I felt depressed all the time and thought that nobody was there to help me, but now its different thanks to the Law of Attraction.

My problem now is relationships. The thing is, I've used the Law of Attraction to attract a perfect guy, and most of the time it works. It’s just that I was never able to keep him for a long time, and my relationships were never serious and mostly brought me lots of pain.

There were times when guys were attracted to me at first, but than after a while it seemed like they were not interested anymore. I'm a very sensitive person and whenever I'm getting with a guy, I always feel scared that he won’t be interested in me, and won’t call me after a while, even if at the present time he is with me, but at the end they are just not interested anymore.

So now I like this guy who is exactly like I’ve imagined him to be, when using the Law of Attraction, and we are good friends. But I'm not sure if he likes me and I really like him, he brings me both pain and happiness so what shall I do?

Shall I take the risk and make the first step? I'm tired of guessing all the time whether a guy likes me or not, which I have been doing for the most of my life. I really need a change now.

I also want to get rid of those fears that come to me when I am seeing someone, the fear that they wont be interested anymore, and hurt me in the end.

P.S. I've posted this question here because I'm tired of being hurt and I know that I need a change. If you think that I should move on then please tell me what I should do.

Thanks you a lot..:)

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The thing that conserns me most is that you seem to have entered into a pattern of...
  • Successfully attracting the right guy.

  • These relationships not getting to serious.

  • Them losing interest.

  • And you getting hurt.
This pattern seems to be repeating itself, and when you explain your feeling towards a new relationship, it’s clear why this is happening.

You describe your feelings as being, “always feeling scared that he won’t be interested in me and want call me after a while, even if at the present time he is with me, but at the end they are just not interested anymore.”

You see the Law of Attraction will always bring you a match for your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and fear is a very strong emotion.

The Law of Attraction will respond to fear, just as much as it responds to desire, and all to often people get what they least wanted, and what they fear the most.

Before I worried to much about this being the perfect guy, I would try to heal my fears first. After all, if history is anything to go by, it does not matter whether he is perfect or not, as your fears will only produce an unwanted outcome.

Chris Dines book, Heal Your Unconscious Pain would be a good starting point. Chris has put a simple three-step exercise together to help you overcome these kind of negative thoughts.

You can download Heal Your Unconscious Pain here, as a PDF eBook.

I would also have a look at EFT and The Sedona Method, they are both very effective ways of removing negative beliefs and emotions, (follow the links above, there are plenty of free resources).

I have also got some good tips to identifying and removing negative emotions in my Free QuickStart Law of Attraction training program


Finally, A Step-by-Step System To Master The Law of Attraction
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