Social Services Have Broke My Family Up

by John

I am writing this out of desperation. Four years ago, at the age of 40, I found the woman of my dreams. I had known for several years that we would be an item one day and she confided that she knew the same.

However we were both single parents and having rival children has caused some problems.

To cut a long story (and without going into too much detail), we have been forced to split up by social services, with the implication that if we were to continue our relationship then our kids would be placed in care.

The whole situation is ludicrous, and out of proportion, and we all just want to be together, but the social services here in England are notorious for splitting up families that want to be together.

I have been drinking heavily as I cant see any way out of this, and my girl is on the phone crying every night.

Please, please, please help if possible. I'm sure that it was LOA that brought us together in the first place.

Many thanks

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The way the Law of Attraction works can be split into 2 parts, cause and effect.

Our thoughts are causes, and the experiences are effects.

To change any experience we have in our lives, we need to concentrate on causes, not the effects.

All to often, people spend time and energy in thoughts of sadness, regret, fear and anger, in reaction to their situations and circumstances

And, as the thoughts we are having today, are the cause of the reality we’ll experience in the future, then without doubt, these people will create for themselves, more experiences that cause them to feel sadness, regret, fear and anger.

It kind of a vicious circle, and the only way to break it is to spend that time and energy in thoughts of the reality they would like to experience, not in reaction to what they are experiencing

Any situation we see in our lives always has a starting point, a cause, and when we deal with these causes, instead of the effects they’ve produced, the changes we want to see, happen much more quickly.

You even accept this in your question, yet direct you’re energy in the wrong direction.

“Having rival children has caused some problems..... we have been forced to split up by social services.”

Clearly cause and effect, yet you spend your time in anger and frustration at the effect.

To move forward, you must accept that Social Services did not split your family up.

You’re family has had to break up because of the conflict and rivalry between you and your partners children.

Yes it is Social Services who are making the orders and calling the shots, but they are only following systems to the best of their abilities, however just or unjust they may seem to be acting.

If you spend all your time and energy in anger and conflict with Social Services, you will not get anywhere. The more you push them, the more they’ll push back.

I am sure that Social Services want to see an outcome that is positive to everyone, I am sure that they would want to see a family living a happy balanced home environment, in which the children will thrive.

It therefore makes sense to bow down to their authority and start communicating with them to get to the bottom of their needs.

Once you have an understanding of what they want to see happening, you can then start working with them, putting the wheels in motion, to create a harmonious and positive home for everyone involved.

By taking a fighting stance and blaming Social Services for all the things that have happened, you will not move forward.

But by going back to the start of this trouble, by taking advice and working with the powers that be, and by having a focused, positive and constructive attitude, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find the desired result you so desperately seek.

Start to see the family life that you would like to enjoy. Start to feel the love between you your partner, and your children, as you all share in the perfect home.

Use the power of thought that you have to picture your ideal home situation, and through the infinite power of creation, a way will be found to make the things you want to happen, finally a reality.


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