The Sonic Secret
Law of Attraction Music System

A review of Joe DePalma's Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System.

From time to time I am asked to review Law of Attraction products, and I am sure that you have read about some of the few programs that have made it onto this website.

But Joe DePalma's Law of Attraction Music System is different than anything else I have ever looked at.

One of the issues that Law of Attraction teachers have in explaining how to master the Law of Attraction, is that there is no one fits all method that actually works for all people, all of the time.

Some people respond well to affirmations and visualizations, others need to focus on vibration and gratitude, and some will find tools like EFT, Hypnosis and Brainwave Entrainment effective.

In all my time as a Law of Attraction teacher, I have never come across one specific tool that suits everyone, and that everyone who uses it finds effective.

The Sonic Secret

This is why my own Law of Attraction training program uses every conceivable method, in the hope that at least one of these methods sticks, so that all who partake, end up with the perfect tools and methods for them.

What makes the Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System different is that for the first time, I have discovered a single use tool that will benefit each and everyone who tries it.

To try to explain what this Law of Attraction Music System is, I will give you a little background on how this technology was developed.

Some years ago, Joe DePalma, the creator of the Sonic Secret, was a successful speaker on the subject of Careers and Success, and it was during a presentation that, on stage, in front of an audience, Joe suffered an Acute Vocal Fold Haemorrhage, leaving him in incredible pain and quite literally speechless.

During his six month rehabilitation when Joe had to relearn speech that, while enduring a medical procedure with an optical cable inserted through his nasal cavity and twisted down his throat, Joe experienced something quite magical. Somehow, this cable provided Joe with what he describes as a direct channel to the Universe, as his doctor described it, "you're sort of glowing from the inside out!"

It was a connection that Joe had always sort, and something that as Law of Attraction students, we all seek.

In the years that followed Joe tried to re-create this experience, it did not came easy, but once he had, once he had found the trigger that allowed him to vibrate this connection again, everything in his life seemed to go right.

It is this trigger, this technology, that after many years of trial and error, became the Sonic Secret. And with this applied science, you to can find your own connection.

The Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System allows you to break through your limiting beliefs and barriers and align to your most wanted desires.

It's a system that works alongside anything you are doing now, and will compliment and boost any Law of Attraction tools or exercises that you are finding helpful.

For many, the Law of Attraction has been the answer to their lives, and they have seen great changes through implementing these ideas.

For others, although there was hope and joy on discovering this Law, as they have struggled to make the changes they most want to see, trying to apply the Law of Attraction has become a chore with very little tangible benefit. It shouldn't be like this. The Law of Attraction should be fun, and the Sonic Secret, is not just a tool that works, it puts the fun back into the manifestation process.

If you have struggled to get thing working for yourself, or if you have seen some minor changes through applying the Law of Attraction, or even if your loving the whole process and just want to speed things up, the Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System is exactly what you need.


I found it amazing, and I would struggle to believe that anyone would think otherwise.

As this system is so relevant to my readers, and will be so helpful, I have spoken to Joe personally to see if he offer my website visitors a special discount.

I am so excited to tell you that he has agreed.

If you would like to discover more about the Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System, visit the special page below for visitors.

The Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Music System

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