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Throughout the Law-of-Attraction-Guide.com we have spiritual pictures and spiritual art created by artist Ed Parkinson.

For some time my website has been lacking a visual aspect, as it is difficult to combine the law of Attraction with Art, and for I have been on the look out for the type of picture that both complimented the work I do, but also introduced a spiritual and mystic feel to my website.

Whilst following up on a business contact I came across a website called www.EdP-SpiritualArt.com and immediately fell in love with the spiritual pictures presented there.

These spiritual pictures feature a style of painting that I have not seen before and immediately contacted the artist to see if I could feature his work on my website.

spiritual pictures spiritual art Soul Chosing Its New Life

I wanted to ask the artist Ed Parkinson some questions about his work, and he kindly agreed to publish his interview here.

John: What is your spiritual art about?

Ed: I create this art so that people can see some images from our inner worlds, our imaginations, our dreams and our thoughts. Many have said "Now that I've seen your art, I know that my thoughts are real". Hopefully people can use the art as a stepping-stone into their own inner worlds. By seeing theses images they realize that their inner worlds have a reality. They can now see images of their thoughts which they have had trouble visualizing.

John: How do you get your inspiration?

Ed: In my thinking process I use pictures all the time. For example, if you ask me to go for a cup of coffee, in my mind I'll see a cup of coffee, a table, chairs and possible the restaurant we are considering going to. If our conversation is about dreams or spiritual concepts, I'm still thinking in pictures. If I see a picture which I think could be beneficial or useful, I'll try to create it.

John: Why do you describe your pictures as spiritual art?

Ed: For me 'spiritual' relates to anything that goes on in our imaginations, thoughts, dreams, contemplations, meditations and any time we feel connected to the Life-force, the Higher Power, God or whatever you wish to call It. The word 'spiritual' is different to 'religious'. Religious would relate to a particular religion. Every religion has a spiritual side and I hope my pictures help people of all faiths to gain some insight into their inner selves when they see them.

John: How did you learn to do your spiritual pictures?

Ed: I always wanted to be an artist, since I was about seven years old. When I left school at eighteen I went to work as a junior commercial artist in an advertising agency. I learned a lot in that business.

Clients have a product or a service that they want to communicate quickly and effectively to their audience. Using visual images helps get their message across. The discipline learned as a graphic designer helped me develop techniques to get ideas from my imagination down onto paper.

The development of computers as artistic tools has helped me to create realistic pictures, which people can easily understand. That is, they can understand that water is water, people are people and trees are trees. Whether they can grasp the story or concept behind the whole picture is a different question altogether.

spiritual pictures spiritual artJohn: Does the Law of Attraction play a part in your spiritual pictures?

Ed: There are some pictures which have taken years to produce but because I maintained a focus on them they eventually did materialize. The picture FamilyTapestry is one such picture. I had the concept for the picture but I couldn't put it down on paper in a way that communicated the idea correctly. After a few years of working on other pictures and developing my techniques, I was eventually able to produce the picture in a satisfactory way, which I hope people can easily understand.

By occasionally thinking about the concept for the picture, I was using the Law of Attraction to get me closer to it. Over time the various tools and techniques were attracted into my life until I was able to produce that piece of spiritual art.

John: How can people get your spiritual pictures?

Ed: There are lots of examples and details from my work here on your site Law-of-Attraction-Guide.com. They are dotted around the numerous articles of your site. There are lots more on my own site www.EdP-SpiritualArt.com where you can read the story behind them and if you wish, purchase signed limited edition prints.

John: Thank you Ed, for the opportunity to illustrate your spiritual pictures on my website and for taking the time to answer these questions.

If you would like to see more of Ed Parkinson's work, and view more of his fantastic spiritual pictures, follow this link to visit his website www.EdP-SpiritualArt.com

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