Still Waters Run Deep

by Anita
(Budapest, Hungary)

I met a guy 5 months ago. On paper, we are perfect together, and when we meet and spend time together we have a wonderful and happy time. I feel real love for him, and when we are together I can feel that he also has feelings for me.

But the problem is that we meet only rarely, (maximum 1-2 times a week, sometimes only once over two weeks, there is also not much telephoning either), because he does not want to "speed up" in the relationship.

I have already told him how much I miss him while we are apart, I even told him that I love him, but he does not say anything back. In his mind everything has to come in its own time, and he likes keeping it slow because of sore experiences in the past. However he also confessed that he thinks that we have a future together.

I really feel happiness together, but when we are apart my mind starts bringing in the negative thoughts and feelings about his intentions. I am afraid that he meets other women, or does not really want to be with me, etc.... I already asked him about the reasons, and he explained that all the work and problems he has, just makes it impossible for him to meet more often at the moment.... and this is it for now.

I do not know his friends or his family yet, and this is also something that makes me pessimistic. What I really want is to have a real committed relationship with him, in which he is proud of me, cares about me, and wants to spend as much time with me as possible. Where he relies on me with all his problems, and wants to share a common future.

I am quite an impatient person, and had some bad experiences in the past when I was "pushy" in a relationship, that is why I am trying to change my behaviour this time.

But it seems that fate is laughing at me with sending me this guy who really makes it slow...what I really want is to be together with him, but I do not want to be a fool either, not realizing the evident signs.

I would really happy if I could receive some good advice that will help me to hold on and keep believing that my dreams with this guy will come true, if I do not give up...

Thank you very much in advance for the reply!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I can guarantee that fate is in no way laughing at you, in fact it is giving you exactly what you are asking of it.

Your fate, or your reality, is always a match to the predominant way you think and feel. This is how the Law of Attraction works, it aligns events, people, opportunities and circumstances to your thoughts and feelings, your vibration. The way you vibrate and the reality you experience will always be a perfect match.

You can see the evidence of this if you try to analyse your thoughts, and look at your reality, I can see it when I read your question, and I will try my best to point out to you, the evidence of the Law of Attraction in action in your life.

Let’s look at how the Law of Attraction may be manifesting in your relationship.

Your feeling of real love for this man has helped you to align with the
things you love most about him, and as he is a matching vibration to manifest those things you feel more love.

You have noticed that you do not meet together as much as you would like, and you are feeling the vibration, or the emotion of not being with him. In order for you to match this vibration of not being with him, the Law of Attraction has to align you with this reality.

You have also mentioned that you are impatient and pessimistic. These feelings are your vibration, and through the Law of Attraction, your vibration will be matched to a reality that causes you to feel this way.

So whatever it is that makes you feel impatient and pessimistic, having these feeling, will only serve to give you a reality to cause you to feel in the same way.

Can you see that it is your very thoughts about your experience that is holding that experience to you.

I know that some people will say that it is the experience that causes the thoughts, not the other way around. Perhaps it started this way, but I have no doubt that it is your thoughts and your feelings that continue to hold this experience in your reality.

You experience contrast, decide what you like, and align to the part of the contrast you wish to experience. What you have done is aligned to the part of the contrast you do not want to experience.

The good news is, that as you have identified what you do not want, this makes it all the more easier for you to align to the part of the contrast you do want.

You need to stop thinking about, feeling about and vibrating about the lack of the things you have, and think about, feel about and vibrate about, the things you desire.

Do not talk about unwanted experience.

Do not think about unwanted experience.

Do not feel about unwanted experience.

Align your vibration to the best of what you have, be grateful for the love you have and be grateful the time you have.

Even be grateful for the time you don’t have, whilst you look forward to your time together. I know that it might sound a bit strange to be grateful for the time you don’t have, but if you let go of your unwanted experience, with optimistic feelings to your wanted experience, you offer what you don’t want, no vibration.

Align your self to him to…

Write lists and spend time thinking of all the things you like best about this guy. Think of all his positives, all his feel good stuff, and offer your vibration to the best of what he gives you.

As you have seen, your thoughts and feelings will lead you to experience more things to make you feel the way you feel, so simple think and feel about the things you desire, and those thoughts and feelings will cause you to experience more desirable things.

The only way to hold on and keep believing that your dreams with this guy will come true, is to dream the dreams of your desires, not your fears.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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