Stuck In The Middle of a Beautiful Story

A HUGE thank you and big hug for answering all of our questions. My father recently asked a question on here, received a reply, read your advice over and over again and turned his life around weeks later, so on his behalf thank you.

I have been studying and practicing the LOA for about 2 years now. I am currently attempting to attract my soul mate. I took the time to write down a list of the attributes I would like her to have, meditate on them, feel what it is like to be with her and like magic, 2 weeks later there she was, with as much as 95 percent of what I had written down and then some (the list was pretty long too)!

There are a number of events I had envisioned us doing together, to keep this letter short I would say that most of them we have either already done or are planning on doing. Amazing how this is all coming together! Everything I had ever pictured as my perfect mate is her and then some!

Something I have always wanted is to have a relationship start out as a friendship first and blossom into a romantic relationship later, I don't know why, its just what my heart has always longed for.

Everything so far is going as planned, we are just friends right now, we spend time together every week, take trips together and just have the time of our lives together. I do special little things for her to show her I care for her. The problem is I am obsessing over the whole situation.

Everything I have ever envisioned us doing together would happen 2 weeks later, with out a doubt, and this has happened numerous times. Everything except for us being more then just friends, now I know that this is not something I can put a time limit on as this does take some time.

We have known each other for about 6 months now but have only been hanging out on a weekly basis for about 6 weeks. I know that if I just enjoy the process and let go just like everything else I have envisioned we would eventually be together, I am just having the hardest time doing that.

I meditate twice a day, and picture us having a beautiful time together and raise my vibration doing so. I also have been trying EFT to cope with the obsessive thoughts.

I have been in the exact same situation before and got so fed up with the obsessive thoughts that I wanted the whole situation to end. So I told the girl at the time how I felt about her, how I liked her more then just a friend, she replied that she did not feel the same way. I know that if I had just gave it more time, it would have blossomed into what I had envisioned.

I don't want this to happen with this girl, I see her as being a very special person and I have not ever met anyone that I had this much in common with. I want to just enjoy the process as it is a beautiful process.

What can I do to help with these obsessive thoughts? Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

First of all, congratulations on have such a successful and inspiring story to tell, you are, and must be doing all the right things.

As with any relationship, and with any situation, it is always better to find the best of where you are now, and let go of the lack of what you do not have.

If you carry on obsessing about not having this girl romantically, you run the risk of including ‘not having this girl romantically’ into your vibration, and as you have already experienced, if you include the lack of this relationship into your vibration, you will manifest not having this romance into your reality.

So where to start?

It seems that your life has been completely enriched just knowing this girl, so I guess I would start there.

I would suggest that you write down all the great experience and feelings that Just Being A Friend with this girl has brought you, and I would then meditate on that list.

Then, at any time you felt this obsession coming over you, you would repeat this list to yourself, adding in a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ statement at the end. It would go something like this….

“I am so happy that I have found this friendship and I feel……………………………, wouldn’t it be nice if we could move our relationship forward, and become a romantic match for each other.”

By doing this you will be adjusting your vibration to very best of what she gives you, enabling her to match this vibration and make you experience more of these good feelings.

You will also be de-emphasising the lack of a romantic relationship, but including the possibility of this reality into your vibration. And although you cannot manifest in her reality, if she is a vibrational match to this romantic experience, she will start to resonate with you. If she is not, which sounds unlikely, she will vibrate right out of your experience.


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