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Featured Subliminal Video Article

Change Your Life With Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are those that are generally not perceptible by our conscious mind, but pass instead indirectly through our subconscious mind.

Why is this important?

What's interesting about subliminal messages, is that when bypassing our conscious mind, they bypass all sorts of cognitive processes and filtering we unwittingly implement as we process sensory information. The messages reach a deeper level of our conscious, and are free from our distorting conscious influence.

Do you see the potential?

If you're a self-starter or interested in personal development, then I'm sure (like I was) you're rather intrigued by the entire concept - and with good cause. The consistent use of subliminal messages can have powerful mind-molding effects if done appropriately and effectively. Imagine being able to kick a life-long bad habit in just a few effortless weeks! How about instilling a greater sense of determination in your life to help you accomplish goals and complete tasks more quickly?

The possibilities are endless

So how do you make use of subliminal messages?

There are a number of ways to effectively integrate subliminal messages into your personal development program. Most will have you seeing results rather quickly. Assuming you don't have expert training in the field or access to top of the line media creation software, it will probably be easiest to purchase one of the more popular and well reputed programs or videos and use it consistently. You may also wish to purchase subliminal message software. These programs flash text on your computer as you go about your work or web browsing. The messages appear so briefly that you can barely even tell they're coming and going - much less read them consciously. The problem with software, is that most commercially available programs today still slow down your computer quite a bit, which can be quite frustrating if you're attempting to use the program while working at the same time.

Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video

The manner in which I became introduced to subliminal messages was by video. I used the Intelligent Warrior subliminal video series to see the changes I wanted take shape. The series consists of about 7 videos lasting approximately 5 minutes each. Each subliminal video covers a distinctly different and important aspect of your life - Social Mastery, Aggressive Manifestation, Perfect Training/Technique, etc... - and flashes appropriately different messages to instill those qualities in you in a short period of time.

I used these Intelligent Warrior videos extensively for months and the changes I noticed were distinct and unquestionably due to the Intelligent Warrior videos program. I became more proactive, found energy I never knew I had, began jumping on opportunities, and found myself opening up to more friends and family than I ever knew I had. In a way, I feel I owe my life as it is to those videos and the doors they opened up for me by just changing my mental framework. I know, it sounds unbelievable - I knew this going into it, so I made sure I recorded all of my experience on a regular basis, so I could go back and "review" the change as it took place. That's what my blog is - my experience with the Intelligent Warrior subliminal message videos. I encourage you to have a look if you are interested in a more in-depth look at what to expect.

Granted, videos like this can be quite expensive. When I purchased the Intelligent Warrior series I spent about $197. Luckily, I made sure to get distribution rights from the distributor - I wanted to have them available for readers of my blog to use, since that is a big chunk of change to swallow for anyone, especially someone even the least bit skeptical. The 80% discount I give at my website has allowed many readers to enjoy the effects of the Intelligent Warrior subliminal message videos with me, and I wake up every day looking forward to reading comments and emails about success with the videos.

Change will happen if you are consistent

The one pitfall that accounts for 99% of people who fail to see success with subliminal messages is the lack of consistency. For you to see progress with these videos, you absolutely positively need to be consistent in your approach to using them.

This means you don't buy them and watch them once and forget about them.

This means once you have the videos, you watch them every day in a systematic fashion for at least 30 days. You need to give your mind time to truly internalize all of the subliminal messages you're receiving in the videos. Do this, and within a month or even as little as a few weeks, you will be seeing changes you never thought possible.

I promise - it worked for me, and I thought I was as receptive as a light post when it came to subliminal messages or self hypnosis.

Give it a shot - subliminal messages may just change your life

Visit Jason's blog at http://www.liveloaded.com to read in detail about his experience with these Intelligent Warrior subliminal message videos and provide tips or suggestions from your own experience

Thank you for reading! ~ Jason Harrington

Unleashing my Intelligent Warrior

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jason_Harrington

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