Teaching My Children Law of Attraction

I have been encouraging both of my sons (13 and 14) to use the Law of Attraction, and have done them both 'PowerPoints' of their favourite slides to look at daily. I really struggle to 'get it right' and just don't seem to get things to manifest, (even though I am convinced it works), but really want them both to adopt it early in life.

My oldest son has always struggled with maths as he has discalculor, but because he is way ahead of his years in English and reading, his teachers have never believed him. He just scraped a level 4 two years ago. Most of his peers were on level 5.

His brain does not interpret the 'add', 'minus' signs etc, so he literally cannot work out simple arithmetic or tell the time. Last winter he had his end of year tests and he watched his PowerPoint without fail. He came down on the morning of the test and showed me his teachers prediction - a 'high' level 4. Not much improvement really, bless him.

He told me he knew he was going to come 'top' and was so excited about the test. I could feel that he really believed it. When the results came through a few weeks later, his teacher stood at the front of the class and told them all that about four of them had done really well and achieved a level 6!

They all got a round of applause and she then asked my son if we had been buying him private lessons - which we hadn't. He was the only one in his class to gain a level 7. This was purely down to self-belief as he has a recognised condition that he has fought for years. By accepting it, but imagining himself coming top of the class, so it was!

My younger son loves PS2 games and has been searching about four years for a game that he tried once. He has never known the name, but knew how the level worked and was almost desperate.

No amount of searching was successful. No 'googling' worked - he even logged on to a forum where you describe the game and people make suggestions, but no luck. I suggested he tried the Law of Attraction and imagine holding the game in his hand, starting up the disc on his laptop and playing it.

He is really good at this and was so excited, he was visibly shaking! He told me he was going to know the name of this game by 10pm that evening and he would have it by the weekend - he just knew it!

This was 9.30pm and I began to worry as he was so confident, he cleared off to do something else! I quickly went onto the internet (almost in desperation) to see if I could find any ideas and the first website I clicked on to brought up a range of games - about 600 of them. I clicked on one in the middle and called him through. It was the game!

After 4 years looking on different sites it was there in front of him. He was unfazed and said he knew it would show itself because he felt it.

My husband then searched on ebay, bought it for £1 and it arrived on the Friday morning.

This little man is now a devout Law of Attraction practitioner!!

I just need to hone my skills - the belief is there, I have seen it work - aaaghhh! Just short of the mark each time.

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May 15, 2010
Great story
by: Linnea

What a great story. Thanks for sharing this one. Your son is providing you (and all of us) with tons of inspiration. Sometimes it is a bit easier said than done and very easy for us to forget to keep at it.


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