The Difficult Law of Attraction Questions

Please I really need some Clarity. I get that whether I believe in the Law of Attraction or not: it is working. However, if I don't fully believe in the Law of Attraction isn't that doubt right off the bat affecting the positive outcomes of what I intend, because in the back of my mind I don't feel that everything is adding up when it comes to the Law of Attraction? Here is where I am stuck:

From what I have read about the Law of Attraction we create everything that happens in our life.

1. How can you explain an infant or child being molested? How could they have those thoughts to create that reality?

2. As a child and decades of adulthood I've had tormenting obsessive fears of certain bad things happening to me, which thank God those particular things never manifested. Why and How did I evade them?

3. I noticed you said you cannot use the Law of Attraction, for example to attract a specific person because you cannot use this Law against someone's free will. However, I read an email where a man's family was split apart and I believe the advice was to visualize the family getting along. Isn't that involving specific people and isn't that kind of affecting their free will if they end up getting together again? So, I assume that there is no way of using the Law of Attraction to aid in approving the health of another person? Or is there?

Sorry, I am just trying to get a complete handle on this so I can move forward without any doubts. Any clarity would be appreciated. Thank you.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You open you question with some comments about belief, which I will address first….

Belief is an important part of applying the Law of Attraction, because as you believe or doubt, you shall see the evidence of your believing or doubting in the reality you manifest.

But it is not really a belief in the Law of Attraction that is important. You may not believe in the Law of Attraction, but you may believe in a goal you are trying to attain, and as you move forward with confidence to what you believe you will have, the manifestation of that goal shall directly mirror the belief that you have been holding.

The only time that your lack of belief in the Law of Attraction may affect your reality, is when you are testing the Law of Attraction, by trying to attain a goal as proof that the Law of Attraction does or does not work, and either way you will have enough evidence to back up what it is you believe.

You become far more unstoppable when it comes to attaining the things you desire, by believing in yourself, regardless of any belief in the mechanics of how things happen.

So on to your questions…

The Law of Attraction And Child Abuse

It seems very insensitive to suggest that a child can cause this sort of treatment through their thoughts. As you put it, “how could they have those thoughts to create that reality?”

In attempting to explain this, one of the problems that I run in to is that, when teaching someone to apply the Law of Attraction, I often tell them to hold the thoughts and feelings of having their desires now, and the Law of Attraction will respond by attracting the things that make you think and feel that way.

This implies that exact thought produces an exact and corresponding reality, which can be said to be the case, but truthfully the process is far more complex than this.

To come up with a definition that accurately describes the way the Law of Attraction works is difficult, but possibly the best way that I can explain this, is by liking our quality in thought and feeling, as a vibration, and it is the vibration we resonate, with the mix of frequencies on specific thoughts and feelings, that defines the experiences we have.

This could be liked to the vibration of a tuning fork, that when held in proximity to a tuning fork that resonated the same frequency, causes that second tuning fork to ring.

It would be farer to say that, strong and focused thoughts produce a vibration, and through that vibration, an exact and corresponding reality is brought to maintain the vibration we hold.

In other words, the things you think and feel about most, causes an experience that continues to keep you thinking and feeling in this way, whether the experience is just, fare, wanted or unwanted.

If you start to apply this idea to a child who is growing up in an abusive home, it is easy to see that the things they might think and feel about most, would be the fear and worry of their situation. This will then cause more experiences to happen that continues to keep them thinking and feeling more fear and worry.

I know there will be people who will say that this child did not start with this fear and worry. And that may or may not be the case, but we have to accept that we live in a world of contrast.

We are surrounded by the things we like, as well as the things we do not like, and our choice is this….

Do we focus our thoughts to the worst of what is, and feeling the worst that we are, and allow the worst part of our experiences to recreate themselves. Or do we focus on the best of what we can see, and the best of how we feel, in order for our reality to recreate itself in the best possible way we can imagine?

This may all be very well to someone who is able to read this, but how can this ever apply to a child.

I know this doesn’t seem fair to expect a child to follow these ideas, but to be perfectly honest, a child is far more tuned in to this than most adults. It’s just that we, as parents, try to change the way a child grows, by pointing them in directions we feel will suit their growth better.

Perhaps if we listened to our children more, and allowed them to express themselves freely, then maybe they could start to teach us a few things.

The Law of Attraction And Obsessive Fears

As I said in the previous question, the Law of Attraction process is far more complex than exact thought producing an exact and corresponding reality.

If you think of the tuning fork analogy, your vibration, that is the thoughts and feelings that you predominantly have, could be said to be positive or negative, or any frequency in between.

We could call the purest, positive energy an ‘A’ frequency, and most negative energy a ‘G’. And just in the same way as a tuning fork, an ‘A’ frequency would be in harmony with an ‘A’ frequency reality, being of pure positive experience, and a ‘G’ frequency would be in harmony with a ‘G’ frequency reality, being a negative and unwanted experience.

It could then be the case that your general focus of attention, and emotion could be predominately positive, perhaps matching an ‘A’ in our analogy, but with an occasional fear of something bad happening. This fear doesn’t automatically drop you down to the lowest vibration, and align you to an unwanted experience, it simply adjusts your overall vibration to a lower than an ‘A’.

However, if you were to allow these obsessive fears of certain bad things happening to you, to become the predominant part of your thoughts and emotions, no doubt, you would start to see a reality that caused you to obsessively fear. It may not be the case that the actual bad things you envisioned became a reality, but it would certainly be an experience that caused you to match the thoughts of fear that you carried.

The Law of Attraction And Specific People

In each case up to now, I have talked about your vibration, and how your predominant thoughts and emotions cause you to experience a reality to match the way you think and the way you feel.

We vibrate, and the Law of Attraction aligns the circumstance, the events, and the people, to manifest an experience as a match to the way we vibrate.

The circumstance, events, and people manifested in our experience, must be in harmony with our predominant thoughts and feelings. Yet, as we cannot cause someone else to experience something other than a reality as a match to their vibration, the reality experienced by you and the reality experienced by the people in your experience, must be a cooperative harmonious match to everyone concerned.

Each circumstance, event, and person manifested in your experience, must be a cooperative part of the process, that is also in harmony with their vibrations.

So if a family was split apart and someone was to visualize the family getting along, the desired outcome of such a visualization could only be manifested, if the reality of the family getting along, matched the vibration of everyone concerned.

To be honest, in this particular case it would not necessarily be my advice to visualise such an outcome, it would be much more productive to focus on the best of the other people involved, and to include the best of them in your vibration. In this way, if they were able to manifest the ‘best of’ reality as a cooperative match to your vibration, they will. If not, they must leave the vibration that conflicts with their own, altogether.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Child abuse and Laws of Attraction
by: Anonymous

I too have always seen the LOA as something a little hokey or only for those who already had been given opportunity for greater successes than others have been given. My mindset has been a cement set-up of hardened consistency without budging from years of negative and "realistic" outlooks all the while NO changes ever taking place.

Occasionally, I'd feel positive and enthused about thinking positively or believing that I had the right and the universe could align with what my needs and desires were but then quickly, very quickly I'd lose faith.

I've began studying the LOA in various formats and The Secret is but one tool - a very quick overview of what is taught and learned using intentional, purposeful, positive, affirming heartfelt and energetic mind movement but it's such a great boost, I recommend everyone watching it. This along with other tools is helping me reshape a battle weary mind for new horizons and I can tell you - life is a heck of a lot better when unwavering faith in ourselves and in what can be possible is achieved.

But I'd like to respond briefly and not as an expert to the original posters first question about child abuse. As a person who was the recipient of an abusive and rejecting childhood I think I can maybe offer this tid-bit of plausibility.

First, NO child, and especially an infant is at "fault" for being abused. A young child could NOT attract an abuser with their thoughts because their thoughts would have NO knowledge that such abuse exists nor would they understand that a human could be capable of harming them. However, an innocent child left unprotected could attract the nefarious unstable minded individual when the loving protection of their primary caregiver fails to recognize that they are responsible for what that child experiences both in thought and in deed. Therefore, I believe in the case of an innocent child - it is entirely possible that another person can, by virtue of neglect of their duties to love, protect and nuture that child, can INVITE situations where the child can be negatively effected by the LOA.

For eg. if a mother leaves her child unattended with a person she knows nothing about or she's a person who at the expense of her childs needs (putting her own before her childs)associates with a person or persons who has this bend, they are unwittingly drawing evil and negativity into the life of their own offspring.

If then, this becomes a pattern throughout a childs life, they will come to expect that people may want to harm them or that they deserve to be neglected, abused or abandoned. Once this is set up in their psyche, they may even attract individuals who prey upon this most broken of souls and mindsets.

So, my belief and feeling is that when it comes to children - those responsible for them call forth evil or good depending on what their own personal choices are and the LOA will obey in either case.

The ?Law of Attraction? - What?s Love Got To Do With It?
by: Anonymous


Be open. Be adventurous. Be curious. Be eager to learn. Be genuine, not least to yourself. Don?t judge. Acknowledge the wonder of life and the amazing experience it brings.

After all, it seems so real, doesn?t it?

In the words of the late comedian Bill Hicks:

?The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it?s real because that?s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it?s very brightly coloured and it?s very loud and it?s fun, for a while.

Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, ?Hey ? don?t worry, don?t be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride...?

And we kill those people.

?We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up. Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and my family. This just has to be real.?

Just a ride... But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok.

But it doesn?t matter, because it?s just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It?s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money.

A choice, right now, between fear and love.?

So what?s your choice?

Remain childlike. And enjoy the ride!

by: Anonymous

"Belief is an important part of applying the Law of Attraction ..."

A law does not need belief, it simply works, whether you believe in it or not. If it requires belief, it's not a law.

The entire LOA hype is nothing but a scam, illogical, absurd, and materialistic as can be. All it leads to is an attitude where victims are blamed for whatever happens to them, and the rich are automatically right.

On all those forums it's all about greed and wanting. Nowhere i've read that someone wanted to make a contribution -- no, it's all about dreamcars, dreamhouses, dreamlovers and whatnot. All selfish and materialistic. Yuck.

Your (Non) Answer to Child Abuse is bullshit
by: Anonymous

Your post is an insult to anyone who was ever abused as a child.

First and foremost, to assume that children make decisions to be abused before birth is absurd. You offer ZERO evidence of this, and when considering things like infant mortality or disease doesn’t make logical sense (Why would someone be born and choose to die so early in life?) And is also typical blaming-the-victim crap seen in the "Law" of Attraction. BTW, do you remember choosing to be abused? I certainly don’t remember doing so.

So some people rise up from the abuse they got as a child? That’s nice. What about the many who DON’T? What about the many people who even as adults are STILL haunted by abuse they got as kids? I know quite a few, by the way. And what about those who die from abuse or neglect? Some deal they picked, huh? Get a clue. Not every abuse story has a happy ending.

"So, I don’t have all of the answers regarding how the Law of Attraction explains child abuse, but my gut tells me that our little people who are suffering right now are tough little soldiers, who may have signed up for a war in order to have the chance to prove to themselves that they are capable of creating great things."

So basically, in a post that tries to explain how kids attract abuse (Which they don’t) your conclusion is "Well, I don’t really know, but kids are tough and they chose this so whatever." What a waste of Internet space.

You did't answer anything NEW
by: Anonymous

You didn't answer anything and I see that this philosophy is EVIL. OH, it's looking like an angel of light on the surface, but is Evil in that LOA aims to dismantle morality and basic right and wrong. LOA people say, "there is no right or wrong, there just is"???? WTF? Do I really need to explain how that's evil?? By suggesting, "oh, your 'higher self' somehow wanted the abuse for your 'ultimate good' - TWISTED, and WRONG. This way of thinking that LOA wants to infiltrate the masses with aims to start to take away blame/consequences for the inflictors/abusers.

If I see a weak person lying on the street, I have the CHOICE to kick the person, walk by, or stop and ask if they need help. That person didn't CAUSE me to choose my reaction to them, I CHOOSE. Now, how I was treated by others, my kindness level as a result, my religious beliefs, and a few other factors will have an effect on how I choose to react - But, THE PERSON LYING IN THE STREET DID NOT CREATE MY REACTION. THE PERSON LYING IN THE STREET IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY REACTION. So stop with the, "any time you encounter bad treatment from others you caused it" garbage. Its so obvious (to those of us with any discernment) that this philosophy has evil roots.

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