The Dream Holiday Book by Zoe Scott-Jones

by John Peace

The Dream Holiday Book, a Law of Attraction book with a difference.

I absolutely love this book, it reminds me so much about my first encounters with the Law of Attraction, and the message is clear, extremely positive, and most of all, inspiring.

This is not the sort of book I would usually pick up, I spend a lot of time reading the ‘How To’s’ of the Self Improvement Industry, Hill, Hicks, Haanel, Dyer, Lypton, the usual suspects, and a novel will rarely find its way into my hands.

I don’t know whether it was because I knew where the book was heading, (I knew Zoe before she was an Author, as you will discover), or the style of your writing, but there was something that was able to draw me on through the story.

The Dream Holiday Book
A Brief Synopsis

How can one persons dream holiday turn into your dream reality...You hold it all here in your hands!

This is a story of how to uncover the secrets to life, all its wealth, health and happiness by simply understanding the world in which we live and our very own connection to it.

Through a series of unfolding events, perhaps once considered coincidence, a new pathway opens up to guide Zoe. But as each so called coincidence appears it begins to reveal it’s true identity.

Open this book to begin your very own voyage of discovery, the twist is, if you do make it to the end expect to come face to face with the realisation that all your own dreams are about to come true!

The purpose of the book is to offer the world a way to live more spiritually, by introducing the Law of Attraction in action in the form of a novel that is fun to read, and full of components people can relate to.

A contemporary novel about the Law of Attraction, inspired by true events.

The Dream Holiday Book Review

To begin with, and I mean this positively, the writing style is rather like a roller coaster. It begins with speed, and slows downs when the moment is right. I don’t know if this is done on purpose, but it is very clever.

I feel that I’m being drawn down a path being held by the vibration of an excitable child, so that my attention is never wavering from the destination we are travelling, and just as I get there, and just as the book has my complete focus, I am given the important messages contained within. And what a message it is.

The Dream Holiday Book fills a massive hole in the market. A book that introduces the Law of Attraction, not as a thing to pick up and follow, not a book about what to do and not do, but as a way of life, a purposeful, fulfilled and harmonious way of life.

Another thing that The Dream Holiday Book does so well, is introduce the Law of Attraction to a whole new audience.

Let’s be honest, the majority of people who are studying or discovering the Law of Attraction, are doing so from a position of want and need. They are often unhappy about some aspect of their lives and, as they face these unwanted things, they are looking for answers.

This book introduces these ideas to people who may not necessarily be looking for help, yet they will find renewed purpose, more happiness and even greater successes, by following the example of the story.

If you know someone who may benefit from knowing about the Law of Attraction, and you just don’t know how to approach the subject, give them a copy of this book.

If however, you are following or uncovering the Law of Attraction, no matter how skilled you think you are, read The Dream Holiday Book, it will renew your faith, inspire your efforts and positively effect your experiences.

The Dream Holiday Book by Zoe Scott-Jone
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Dec 24, 2016
by: Antoniokim

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Aug 04, 2011
Refreshing Summer Read.
by: Anonymous

I loved this book too! Come back from vacation with a whole new perspective on life. This is really one to share with family and friends, it simply introduces them to the law of attraction with varied examples and suggestions from books and methods for them to explore for themselves all tied up in an adventurous tale of far away destinations and destiny.

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