The Law of Attraction And An Unbearable Home

I receive your Law of Attraction Newsletters every month and can't thank you enough for the sound advice that you give to people that are in distress.

I am practicing the Law of attraction and I tell you it can be hard work sometimes. I have used it so far in most things that I do, but it seems like some of the things are just hard.

My situation at the moment:

My 1 year old and I are sharing a 4 bedroom flat with 3 other girls (students). It was all good in the beginning. We laughed and joked all the time and couldn't get enough of each other. It was like that I think because I was the only one cleaning our flat, and never asked any one to chip in.

They started irritating me when the one girl started putting her feet on the table when we were eating (I didn't say anything about that) and they would leave the place dirty by the time I got back from work. I flipped the one day when I realised that I never had the time to spend with my baby because I was always cleaning.

I screamed at everyone, just like a madwoman. I asked them why they weren't cleaning, their response was that they weren't told what to do. I even drew up a roster and that only worked out for 2 weeks. Now they are not cleaning at all, they don't even flush the toilet at times.

I don't mind for me but they don't even greet my sweet little baby and that drives me NUTS. She follows them everywhere around the house and they just ignore her. I am so frustrated, I feel like hurting someone. All of this has got me drinking and smoking more than I should.

Because my eldest daughter is coming stay with us at the end of the month, I called my landlord last week to let him know that I am moving out, to my amazement, he tells me that they all are moving out at the end of this month.

How can I make it through the month without fighting or causing bodily harm? And how can I attract better people without having to move out?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Yours it not an uncommon run of events that can easily be described as the Law of Attraction in action!

Although many people hear and see the Law of Attraction as a method to get the things they want, what must be appreciated is this…. The Law of Attraction is a Law, not some theory that can be turned on and off at will, it is the means by which all experience is brought to us, regardless of how much effort we put into applying these ideas or not.

The Law of Attraction is. And through this Law, by the alignment of thoughts and feelings to experience, it is the way our realities are moulded.

What this means is that this situation you find yourself in, is completely and utterly made by you.

It has been created by the way you have been thinking and the way you have been feeling, and although I fully appreciate that these experiences in no way match what it is you want, and the idea that you created such an unwanted experience may seem a little bewildering to understand, the most powerful thing that you can take from this, is that if you created this experience through thought, you can surely remove this experience by simply removing the thoughts that lead you here.

So what is it that you have been thinking that aligned you to such an undesirable experience?

No doubt, when you first made plans to move into this house with your child, you were looking forward to spending a great time with your friends. A happy, fun environment for you and your child to live.

And at first, I am sure that the good expectation of this home was surely matched as you started to enjoy a fun time together.

You had focused your thoughts to a new experience, full of expectation of fun, laughter and happiness, and as you thought and felt about this experience, you were aligned to it as a match to your thoughts and feelings.

Easy to see that this is the Law of Attraction in action.

But…. this experience offered you something else, (as all experiences tend to). Not only did it offer you fun, laughter and happiness, it offered you other parts, other things that you could think and feel about. No doubt, some things that felt good, as you said, in the beginning you couldn’t get enough of each other, and of course, it offered you some things that felt not so good, for example, it seemed that you were the only one cleaning.

So what is it that you have been thinking about when it comes to you being the only one who cleans?

As I don’t really know your exact thoughts, I will try to put simply demonstrate what thought process you probably went through.

In the beginning when you moved into the flat there was lots of fun and laughter, you thought about this fun and felt the laughter and things seemed to be going well.

After a short time you noticed that you were the only one cleaning, you noticed it, thought about this, and began to see how often others would or would not help.

After a while you started to get a little bugged that no one else seemed to care about how clean the house was, just you, and to make matter worse, one girl even started putting her feet on the table when you were all eating. But even through the thoughts and feeling of irritation you kept quiet, you kept those feelings to yourself so not to upset the house.

You even left for work with expectation of the flat being dirty on your return, anticipating the annoyance and irritation you would feel, and to compound this they were even taking time away from you and your child.

But for how long could you keep quiet about this seemingly unfair situation?

And then it came, “I screamed at everyone, just like a madwoman.”

And even after they had been rostered in to clean, they still let you down, they still upset you, frustrated you and annoyed you.

Not so easy to see, but this is the Law of Attraction in action.

You see the Law of Attraction is not about getting what you want, it’s about getting an experience that matches your most focused thoughts and feelings. It’s just that when you are aware of this, you can start to focus your thoughts and feelings towards what you would like and, in turn, create that wanted experience in your reality.

How can you make it through the month without fighting or causing bodily harm?

By not noticing, thinking and feeling about, what it is you do not like about them, but instead, notice, think and feel, what it is about them that you love.

And how can you attract better people without having to move out?

By focusing your thoughts and feelings to what it would be like to have these people in your reality, and when they come, if they ever offer you an experience that is removed from what you want, do not notice it, do not think about it, and do not feel about it, but instead, notice, think and feel, what it is about them that you love.

Because changing your focus when faced with unwanted experiences is such an issue for anyone trying to apply the Law of Attraction, the first part of my Unlock The Power of You training program does this for you.

It is a workbook has been specifically designed for those people who have tried many of the normal methods of manifestation, but have had some difficulty changing their reality.

This part of the course is not about using visualizing or affirming to manifest a desired experiences, it is about aligning to the experiences through changing the way you think and feel about your current reality.

It is a 30-day program with lessons and exercises to help you to ‘raise your vibration’, and as this is such an important part of changing your experiences, I have made this part of the course available as a single downloadable WorkBook.

Use this link to find out more about The Unlock The Power WorkBook

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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putting it into practice
by: Anonymous

Dear John

I have a question about how to apply this technique.
If someone demonstrates negative behaviour such as not cleaning and I am to concentrate only on the parts of their character that I love and appreciate does that mean that I should not make any comment at all to that person about their behaviour even when I no longer feel any resentment about it? Can I never ask them for help - I don't mean shouting or blaming them in any way but just can I make basic requests like 'could you get the shopping today?' or must this behaviour be initiated by them.

Similarly, if in my relationship my husband says there is nothing to say anymore and that we live like strangers do I just keep the house running and keep quiet while concentrating on his good points or should I make suggestions for going out (I dont mean hounding or harassing) or do I wait until he changes his behaviour?

being a doormat
by: Anonymous

In a situation like the one described how do you focus on the positive without being a doormat?

In the example your advice is not to notice the unwanted behaviour and to focus on the positive - but what about the cleaning itself - does she continue to do the cleaning, leave it until the others are so disgusted they do something. I can imagine that continuing to clean with gritted teeth will intensify the resentment.

what to do??

by: John Peace

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and marriage, it becomes very difficult to get what you want from a relationship when you have spent a lot of time thinking and feeling about what is missing, or what would be preferred in that relationship.

The Law of Attraction will always align you to events, circumstances and people that cooperate with the way you think and feel, which means, whatever you think about and feel about most, you will align to situations in your life that help you to think and feel this way.

Because most people who are introduced to the Law of Attraction are often dissatisfied with their current reality, and are desperately seeking to improve their experiences, the Law of Attraction is all too often thought to be, a law of change. A law by which new experiences, (that is exciting and desirable experiences), are brought to our realities, by the introduction of new thought processes, which are said to attract these things.

But the Law of Attraction has always played a part in our lives, it has been the process by which all experiences have come to us, wanted or unwanted, and to affirm or visualize to successfully align to new and wanted desires, without attempting to change the thoughts that have sponsored the unwanted experiences we have had, would be an impossible task.

When you think about it, as we tend to think and feel in a habitual way, the Law of Attraction can be likened to a Law of Status Quo, as our habitual thoughts and feelings sponsor a habitual and repeating experience, and if these experiences that keep turning up tend to be unwanted, to change them, we would have to alter our habitual way of thinking and feeling.

This is why so many people struggle to master the Law of Attraction, as they attempt to focus upon the things they want, without trying to change their thoughts about what they have, and no matter how hard they think about their desires, their unwanted experiences keep turning up.

To harness the power of the Law of Attraction you must exercise control of the mind, and to do this you must practise thinking in a particular way.

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