The Law of Attraction And Bereavement

On Sunday my boyfriend of six months fell down my stairs and died. I am so heartbroken and bereft about this. He was a lovely man, a kind and generous being. I miss him so much. I am so alone and so afraid of the future now. I cannot at the moment even think about my future.

I love horses and my dream is to own one and get involved in the equestrian business and maybe find someone in the future. I feel so guilty about this, as I truly loved my man. How could I think like this and he is not a week dead?

I know he would want me to carry on especially for the sake of my little girl.

I would love if you could help me help myself to come to terms with this as I have known about the Law of Attraction from the bible and reading the secret.

I manifested love in 2011 and it was a lovely relationship, full of love and joy.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, and to try to come to terms with such a tragic situation must be very difficult.

It is beautiful that you can think of your relationship so fondly, and I am sure that the love and joy you both shared will help you to recover and come to terms with a life without your boyfriend in his physical form.

Your question makes me think that you feel wrapped up with guilt for considering yourself and your future at this time, but I think that anyone who was in your position would appreciate, that is is yourself and your future that you must consider, it seems the only natural thing to do, after all, it’s your pain.

You say that you are alone, afraid and that you cannot think of the future, yet the emotions of being alone and being afraid, cry with the question, “What am I to do now?” So truly speaking you are forced to think about yourself.

Strangely enough, at a time that you cannot consider your future, you are being forced, in a search for some security, to think more and more about what you are going to do.

But this is not something to feel guilty about, this is a natural part of the bereavement process, and is something that is very normal.

So how do you come to terms with your boyfriend’s death?

It seems that you are on the right track. You are considering yourself, which is very important, and you are looking for a glimpse of something that will offer you a better feeling.

But it will take a little time.

Today you may be lost, alone and afraid, which when you compare these feeling with the love and joy you had, the gap between these emotions is bound to make you feel bad.

But to jump from feeling lost and alone to feeling love, or from feeling fear to living in joy, are big jumps that can only be taken in small steps.

Looking for a feeling that is just a little bit better than the feelings of helplessness that you have now is the key, and through continuing to shine the light of the relationship that was, will help you do this.

Personally I believe that often, at the time of greatest crisis, comes the greatest clarity, and through the greatest pain comes the realization of what can cause the greatest joy.

It is often through these times of great despair that people will choose to live their lives in a way that adds value and happiness to what they do, and if you feel the urge towards what you believe will give you life purpose and fulfillment, when you are facing emptiness and confusion, perhaps the answer to your question has be given.

I would suggest that you read Neale Donald Walsh’s book, Conversations with God, it will give you a deeper understanding of God and our purpose, it’s a wonderful book.

I hope that you have found this information useful and of some comfort.


John Peace

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