The Law of Attraction And Birth Defects

Can birth defects be cured by the Law of Attraction??

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This is not that simple to answer, but I shall try to make it as clear as possible.

There are many types of birth defects, some could be termed hereditary tendencies, others genetic, and more still, physical disabilities.

Hereditary tendencies tend to be the likelihood of an offspring suffering a ‘hereditary’ disease, which their parents suffered. These tend to be diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc. Now the question here is, are these diseases actually hereditary, or are they a more likely scenario because of the focused attention given to them?

To answer that we must assume that, as most things in our physical reality tend to follow Law, and if a hereditary disease followed Law, then all offspring would develop that disease.

Obviously that is not the case, as we see that not all offspring follow the suffering of their parents, so the Law that says disease is hereditary, must be flawed.

So why would people tend to follow such patterns?

It is because they tend to believe that, as this condition that my parents have suffered is hereditary, I will surely get it to, or as this condition that my parents have suffered is hereditary, I will do everything in my power to not follow in the same way.

Whether they are believing they will have this disease, or doing everything they can to not have it, their focused attention is on the disease, and as the laws that govern the Universe line up our experiences, based on our focused thoughts and emotions, it follows Law that these people will follow a similar path to their parents.

If we take the opinion that a body in disease, is a body out of ease with itself, then any cure for disease must be aligning the body to ease.

However, this is not the same as genetic and physical disabilities. No amount of focused thought can replace genes, replace limbs, or make things grow.

But does not mean to say that you cannot overcome many of these birth defects by applying the Law of Attraction.

Follow this link to watch a video about Morris Goodman, who is called the "Miracle Man." After surviving a plane crash that broke almost every bone in his body— including his skull—and resulted in his becoming paralyzed, he eventually learned to walk again.

His story is one of the most inspirational stories of healing I know.

Morris Goodman Video.. The Miracle Man


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by: Anonymous

I've heard of many miracles that prove that it is possible to "grow" body parts..
so i strongly disagree with the answer that any amount of focused attention cannot grow body parts or replace genes.
This is against the very law that one can have WHATEVER he wishes if he can imagine it.
and that WHATEVER includes just that..whatever!

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