The Law of Attraction And Budgeting

by Beth

While you are feeling wealthy and lucky and grateful about the abundance that is in your life, how do you deal responsibly with the actual monetary situation you are faced with day to day?

I have no stress about money, but I still need to make sure that I am careful not to bounce a check. I certainly can't act like I have more money than I do--I still need to be a responsible adult and pay attention to my budget because that's the reality now, even though I know that I have plenty of money to afford everything I need. And I always do have enough--but just barely.

When I'm just going about my day, I am happy and not worried about money, being thankful, attracting good situations, and knowing that my visions will be reality. But during the time when I'm forced to look at the real numbers (which I try to limit to a couple times a week), what should I be "thinking?"

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I think that you have it all in hand. You are focusing on abundance, and not getting caught up the nitty gritty of fear and worry over money.

The Law of Attraction lines us up with experiences that match our predominant thoughts and feelings, and if you are predominantly thinking and feeling abundant, and having to spend a little time balancing your budget, that’s fine.

The danger comes when you can’t control your thoughts and feelings over money, when you have emotions like frustration, when there isn’t enough cash, or dread over the postman bringing an unwanted letter. These are the thoughts and feeling I would be more concerned with. Also thoughts like how and when are good indications that you are not aligning to your desires.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools you can use to deal with these thoughts, and when you use it correctly, you can cancel the effect of the fear and worry thoughts quite quickly.

To use gratitude to correct a negative thought, you need to state the things you are grateful for now, as soon as you are aware that you are thinking in a contradictory way to the abundance you seek.

It would be a good idea to write a list of the things that make you happy now, and spend some time focusing on that list, say every morning and every evening. Then it will then be much easier to recall these ‘grateful thought’ when you are in a situation of negativity.

To make these gratitude statements more powerful, I would suggest that you put a positive intension at the end. So if your statement was a financial one, it would go something like this…

“I am so happy that I continue to have enough money coming to me, and I can do many of the things I like doing. I am looking forward to taking my family on our dream holiday to …………., sometime in the next few months.”

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Another great technique, which is also a bit of fun, is the prosperity game from Abraham-Hicks book, Ask & It Is Given.

To play the prosperity game, on day one deposit an imaginary $1,000 in your checking account. Then write cheques or lists of what you would spend that $1,000 on.

If you use cheques, write a detailed description of what you have bought in the cheque stub, if you use a list, describe the items in as much details as you can on your list.

Try to spend the imaginary dollars if you can, if not it is OK to save them for the next day.

On day two, add an imaginary $2,000 to your balance and spend as much as you can, in the same way. Again be descriptive, try to spend all of it, if not carry the balance on to the next day.

On day three, add $3,000 and follow the same process.

On day four, add $4,000, day 5, $5,000 and so on.

If you follow this exercise for a year, adding $1,000 to your spending account, at the end of the year you would have spent an imaginary $66 million.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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