The Law of Attraction And Doubt

I am trying to visualize and feel good about the changes I want in my life, but when I feel happy about having them a sense of doubt is always there.

An example is I asked, believed and visualised having my dream job I went for an interview for. I pictured everyday for three weeks that I would get the job and even made my own business card with the company name and my title and was excited..

I believed I had it already, but then I was told I didn't get the job. It broke my heart.

I feel happy, but hidden underneath I have a sense that ‘no it won't happen’.

How can I change this so my thoughts can manifest in a positive way?

Thank you for your help.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Doubt is a very interesting concept, and one that really needs some looking in to, as many people fail to experience their desires, because of this idea of doubt.

Indeed, this is something that you have experienced, and you have seen the results of this sense of ‘no it won't happen’, in the lack of the manifestation of your desires.

And, as you have also experienced, doubt is a difficult thing to get rid of.

You see, we live in an inclusive universe, and everything we focus our attention on, whether we are shouting no or yes at it, will be reflected in our reality.

Our thoughts are reflected in are experiences, and any thought of removing doubt, must be reflected in a condition of having doubt. It may seem unfair, but this is the way the Law of Attraction works.

In fact, the harder you try to remove the doubt from your mind, the more you enforce the reality of having it, and the more you shall see the evidence of it in your experiences.

If you think about an affirmation to remove doubt, something like, “I am so happy that I have no doubt.” How comfortable does it feel to say? Probably not very comfortable at all, because what you are really doing is affirming the fact that you have doubt.

So, if you cannot remove doubt, by thinking about it, or giving it attention, how do you become more positive?

To begin with you have to understand what doubt is.

Doubt is really a lack of belief, a lack of trust that you will receive the things you ask for. But this is really not god enough, because you would then be faced with the same problem. That is, how do remove a lack of something without manifesting more lack.

So what is a lack of belief?

A lack of belief is really just a belief in something, other than what it is that you want to believe.

For example, you applied for this job, and focused on getting it, but deep down, what were your beliefs about your success, your skills, your capability, your ability and your worthiness of this job?

Here are some ideas of what beliefs you could be harbouring when you were trying to get this position….

“I don’t think that I’m that lucky...”
“I don’t know how I can do it... ”
“I won’t be the best candidate…”
“I usually miss out…”
“I never get the breaks... ”
“I know they wont offer it to me... ”
“I don’t want to work that hard... ”
“I don’t believe that I could earn that sort of money... ”
“I’m not that bright... ”

You see doubt is not really doubt, it’s just the presence of some belief that is contradictory to what it is you desire, and doubt is our way of letting us know that there is something that doesn’t match your beliefs, to your desires.

If you now think about an affirmation to remove a contradictory belief, something like, “I am so happy that I am the best candidate for this job,” it all becomes much more comfortable, because you are now affirming a belief to yourself which aligns to your desires.

In essence, doubt affirms the presence of a limiting belief, what I call the Law of Attraction Blockers, and these blocks can easily be removed.

Take a look at this question called Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs, for a step by step system to remove these blocks.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Want to increase belief
by: madhusudhan

I invested some money in good stock, but within 2 days stock fall down. I am afraid I will lose money, not able to believe stock will grow, bcoz contract gonna expire by Feb 26, please help me to stay calm, positive and increase my belief to attract the price I really want.. thanks for help

by: John

Have a look at these questions and answers, they may help.

Matching vibration with desire

How to shift thoughts from negative to positive

by: Chris

So I'm a physics major in buffalo and my schooling can be difficult at times. I focus a lot on the end goal, having my degree what it will feel like, my office, my job etc and I can get very deep into it. But then I receive exam grades (which I happily studied for with an LOA mentality) and I flunked. After 2 occasions of this I feel some doubt creeping into my subconscious. If you could give me any tips to halt this infestation it would be greatly appreciated, thank you friend.

by: Achu

I have got skin problems and i have started to use law of attraction. I am visualizing clear skin and feeling happy about the skin exactly i wanted.My doubt is that they say that vidualise it and release to the universe..that is the long should we do this how do we know thatthe frequency has matched the desire...
Plz reply
Thanku for the help

Wow Terrific Advice!
by: Anonymous

Wow! What terrific advice about what doubts really are. This website really hit home for me, it was exactly what I needed to hear to take charge of my life. My outcomes are a direct result of me. If I want change in my life, I have to make the change in myself. Thanks so much for your post! I appreciate your advice and will pay it forward!

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