The Law of Attraction And Exams

I am now confronted with my cbse 12th board exams and I am not completely thorough. I am that kind of person who does not like studying for a long time. I have got friends who study for 15-18hrs a day for preparation in their exams and I know that if I study half of what they do I can even top the school. But I am not able to.

Please tell me a way to score a record 500/500 in my cbse 12th board exams, if u can?

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There are many misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction, in particular is the idea that you can achieve a certain goal by focusing on that goal, without the need to take action.

I am often asked how someone can complete a particular task by using the Law of Attraction, without that person needing to take steps to actually achieve that particular task. This of course is impossible, as many of the conditions we desire to see depend upon other conditions taking place.

For example, the condition of passing an exam has to depend on a number of things, not least of all, knowing the answers to the questions that you will be asked.

So we have to accept that in order to get a certain mark you are going to have to take some certain action, that is, you are going to have to study.

So as passing an exam is action based, does that mean that the Law of Attraction does not apply?

This part of the Law of Attraction can be a bit confusing, after all, aren’t Law of Attraction teachers always telling their pupils that the work must always take place in mind. In other words, to align to a certain reality we must think in a certain way. So why can’t we just align to passing an exam?

Traditionally, if you wanted to use the Law of Attraction to achieve a certain reality, you would use visualization. That is, you would see the reality happening in your mind, and then feel the thoughts you would have as if that reality had already happened.

By using this visualization method you would match your thoughts and feelings to the existence of your desire, so that the Law of Attraction can respond to your thought and emotional vibration, and align the matching circumstances to you in order for you to have that experience.

If this was the method to use this Law then surely, to gain a certain mark in an exam, you would match your thoughts and feelings to the existence of that desire, so that the Law of Attraction can respond to your thought and emotional vibration, and align the matching circumstances to you, in order for you to have that experience.

In essence, this is true, but could you spend all your time visualizing this outcome, and then, without any study, confidently turn up to that exam feeling fully prepared?

I doubt it, and of course the fear and worry you would have been having running up to the exam would have probably become your predominant thoughts and emotions, and you are most likely to align to the circumstances that match your fear.

It must be understood that to do well in an exam must require study.

Therefore, if I wanted to experience a certain outcome that depended on certain actions, I would not only visualize the outcome, I would also visualize myself completing the condition needed in order to achieve the outcome.

Here’s how my visualization would go…

To gain a certain mark in an exam, I would match my thoughts and feelings to the existence of that desire, as well as matching my thoughts and feelings to the completion of my study.

I would see myself reading about the subject as each and every bit of information fell to the pages so that I gained knowledge and clarity.

I would feel my understanding grow as I gained in confidence and self-belief the closer the exam came.

I would visualize the morning of the exam as my mind seemed to fall into place, as what I knew, was eagerly anticipating each question.

I would feel the excitement as I opened the exam paper and every question seemed to be written for me, as each subject I had read about was married to each subject I was being asked about.

I would see myself flowing with knowledge as I completed the paper with confidence and pride.

I would then move forward to the day of the results, as I opened the envelope to read the result I had already imagined.

The Law of Attraction is not about taking action to lead to a desire, it is setting out the desire, thinking and feeling in the way that matches that desire, and then taking the action that you are inspired to take.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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