The Law of Attraction And Grief

What is the best way to handle grief? My Mother just passed away in January after being in the hospital for some time. I've been studying the Law of Attraction, but all this sadness is so hard to handle.

I have been meditating a lot, but how else can I keep a high vibration during the grieving process?

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Death is such a difficult subject to deal with as how you think about someone passing, and what happens when you die plays quite a significant role in how you deal with the loss of someone you love.

Certainly having faith and a belief that there is something after physical death, helps to think more positively about this loss, but what is there to think.

If you are of a religious mind you may have ideas of a heaven in which to think of your loved ones going, which is certainly a comfort, but when it is mixed with the idea of heaven and hell, a good place or a bad place, it can mix up the way we feel about death.

The following is an extract from a book by Neale Donald Walsh called Conversations with God. This is from Book 3, and the book is a dialogue between Neale, and what her refers to as God, it might help.

Neale; Can we talk about this death business for a minute? You said this third book was going to be about higher truths; about universal truths. Well, through all the conversation we’ve had, we haven’t talked that much about death—and what happens after that. Let’s do that now. Let’s get to that.

God; Fine. What do you want to know?

Neale; What happens when you die?

God; What do you choose to have happen?

Neale; You mean that what happens is whatever we choose to have happen?

God; Do you think that just because you’ve died you stop creating?

Neale; I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking You.

God; Fair enough. (You do know, incidentally, but I see you have forgotten—which is great. Everything’s gone according to plan.)

When you die, you do not stop creating. Is that definitive enough for you?

Neale; Yes.

God; Good.

Now the reason you do not stop creating when you die is that you don’t ever die. You cannot.

For you are life itself. And life cannot not be life. Therefore you cannot die.

So, at the moment of your death what happens is... you go on living.

This is why so many people who have “died” do not believe it—because they do not have the experience of being dead. On the contrary, they feel (because they are) very much alive. So there’s confusion.

The Self may see the body lying there, all crumpled up, not moving, yet the Self is suddenly moving all over the place. It has the experience, often, of literally flying all over the room—then of being everywhere in the space, all at once. And when it desires a particular point of view, it suddenly finds itself experiencing that.

If the soul (the name we will now give to the Self) wonders, “Gee, why is my body not moving?” it will find itself right there, hovering right over the body, watching the stillness curiously.

If someone enters the room, and the soul thinks, “Who is that?”—immediately the soul is in front of, or next to, that person.

Thus, in a very short time the soul learns that it can go anywhere—with the speed of its thought.

A feeling of incredible freedom and lightness overtakes the soul, and it usually takes a little while for the entity to “get used to” all this bouncing around with every thought.

If the person had children, and should think of those children, immediately the soul is in the presence of those children, wherever they are. Thus the soul learns that not only can it be wherever it wants with the speed of its thought—it can be in two places at once. Or three places. Or five.

It can exist, observe, and conduct activities in these places simultaneously, without difficulty or confusion. Then it can “rejoin” itself, returning to one place again, simply by refocusing.

The soul remembers in the next life what it would have been well to remember in this life— that all effect is created by thought, and that manifestation is a result of intention.

Neale; What I focus on as my intention becomes my reality.

God; Exactly. The only difference is the speed with which you experience the result. In the physical life there might be a lapse between thought and experience. In the spirit’s realm there is no lapse; results are instantaneous.

Newly departed souls therefore learn to monitor their thoughts very carefully, because whatever they think of, they experience.

I use the word “learn” here very loosely, more as a figure of speech than an actual description. The term remember” would be more accurate.

If physicalized souls learned to control their thoughts as quickly and as efficiently as spiritualized souls, their whole lives would change.

In the creation of individual reality, thought control, or what some might call prayer—is everything.

Neale; Prayer?

God; Thought control is the highest form of prayer. Therefore, think only on good things, and righteous. Dwell not in negativity and darkness. And even in moments when things look bleak—especially in those moments—see only perfection, express only gratefulness, and then imagine only what manifestation of perfection you choose next.

In this formula is found tranquility. In this process is found peace. In this awareness is found joy.

I would definitely suggest that you read the Conversations with God series, it certainly helped me believe that our physical experience of now is such a small part of our overall souls experience.

However, when you lose somebody your grief is based on your own loss, not their loss, so there definitely some exercises that you can do to help you.

The 30-Day WorkBook will definitely help you, as you tend to focus on what your are enjoying in your now experience, rather than what you are not enjoying.

But for some specific help, for such a specific problem, try using the EFT exercise in the QuickStart program.

Another effective method is the Sedona Method, which is an exercise that has been design specifically to help you to let go.

Sedona works in a very simple way, and involves asking yourself three very simple questions, ‘Would I....’ ‘Could I...’ and ‘When...’

So a simple Sedona Exercise would go something like this....

Spend some time getting in to the feeling that your grief is causing you, and try to feel the feeling as if it was active now, try to some up this feeling in a word or two.

Then ask yourself the following three questions.

Would I let go of this feeling of _________?

Could I let go of this feeling of __________?

I have posted a video as an introduction to Sedona, which you can watch here.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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