The Law of Attraction And Love

by Joker

I want to know if one of my close friends loves me or not? We were close friends when we went to university but just friends, when we graduated we had a bad fight. I should say that both of us are proud and stubborn. I want to know that should I give up or not?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is the reason for all things, as things that resonate together are drawn together. And as we think and set a vibrational tone, what resonates with that tone is aligned to our experiences.

On one hand, if we think of troubles, we set a vibrational tone of trouble, and what resonates with trouble is aligned to our experiences, or if we think of bliss, we set a vibrational tone of bliss, and what resonates with bliss is aligned to our experiences.

So to move towards the best experiences it seems logical that in order to attract these experiences we must vibrate them, and as our thoughts sets our vibrational tone, we must think the best of everything.

In most relationships, when people are first drawn to each other, they will often look for and think about, the things that they like about this friendship. But all to often, when they see some part of their friends behavior that displeases them, instead of focusing on what they like, people tend to focus on what they’d like to change, the parts of them they don’t like, and as a consequence they vibrate
the worse of the people they share their experiences with.

So when you ask the question, “does your best friend love you?” That question can only come from a position of missing that love, and if you focus on what you are missing, you will vibrate what you are missing, and then align to an experience of missing.

Your focus can only lead you to a lack of love from this person as you are not a vibrational match of love from them.

In any relationship I would recommend that you look for the best parts of what people offer you, so that for as long as they can offer you their best parts, they will continue to do so. If they can’t they must leave your experience because they cannot offer you a match to your vibrational tone

My 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook takes you through a day to day program to help you raise your vibration to help you to align to the best of what you have.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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