The Law of Attraction And Soul Mates

Is it possible that my soul mate could be a married man who's in a separated relationship with his wife?

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To answer this question we must, at first, define what we mean by soul mate.

Soul mate could also mean that someone believes that their soul is somehow intertwined with another, and they are spiritually destined to be together.

Or a soul mate could mean be someone who is believed they are meant to be with, because when they are with or near this person, they get feeling such as excitement, happiness and bliss. In contrast, the opposite of these feeling are often felt when they are separated from this person.

To begin with I will try to deal with the spiritual side of being a soul mate, without getting to deep…

To believe that we had intertwined souls, one would have to belief that our souls have connected in the past, and if that was the case, there must have been a spiritual past life, or pre-physical life. This is what I would term as source energy, as source accurately describes where this spirit or energy would come from, a beginning or start point, which I suppose we could call God.

If we all come from spirit, source energy or God, and we are now physical, we must now be physical individualizations of spirit, source energy or God.

If physical life is the individual expression of source energy, and source energy is life beginning or life start point, when we return to our source, we must return from our individualization.

That does not mean that we lose our individualization, but it does mean, that as souls, we are all intertwined, and in fact, all soul mates.

On the other hand, if you are referring to a soul mate as someone who you believe you are meant to be with, because how you feel in their presence, this can be explained by how we use our feelings to apply the Law of Attraction.

I think that everyone would agree that as we live our life experience, we encounter things we like, as well as things we do not like. This contrasting experience is really here to serve us, as it helps us to decide what it is that we wish to experience. For example, if there were no cold to contrast hot, how would we know either?

Whether it be hot to cold, dark to light, sweet to bitter, quiet to loud, rich to poor or companionship to loneliness, without the contrast of these things, how would we know them? If there was only companionship, and no alone, we could never desire companionship, just as if there was no poor, there would be no rich.

So as we live our lives, and as we experience our contrast, what we experience causes us to prefer, and as we give our attention and focus to what it is we prefer, the Law of Attraction begins to align our preferences up for us.

Unfortunately, in the impatience of the manifestation of our preferences, many of us look back at the contrast, and give our attention and focus to the lack of what we prefer, and of course the Law of Attraction begins to align our lack of preferences up for us.

So as you look as this man, you imagine that a relationship with him would be perfect, and when you look at the absence of him, it is not perfect, the imagined perfection feels happy, joyful and forfilling, and the imagined imperfection feels lonely, sad and unhappy.

The contrast of a relationship is a relationship and a lack of a relationship, and the Law of Attraction will align you to whichever one you focus on.

So would focusing on a relationship with him cause the manifestation of a relationship with him?

It is not our job to decide the best way for the Law of Attraction to manifest our desires, as the Law of Attraction will always align us to the best cooperative match to what we think.

If you desire to be in a relationship, focus on being in a relationship, and think the thoughts, and feel the feelings that you will have when that relationship has manifest.

But this is not focusing on being with anyone specifically, because that would activate the lack of what you desired. This is because you cannot control another’s experiences, as their reality must depend upon what they think, and by focusing on an specific experiences with a specific person, will only make you feel that this experience has not happened, there by activating the thoughts and feeling of lack.

All you can do is focus your thoughts and your emotions in a way that matches your desires, not the lack of them, and in turn, the Law of Attraction will align you to the best match to what you have been thinking.

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I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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