The Law of Attraction And The Wrong Partner

I am a 19yr old girl, and I am in a relationship with a boy since last 6 months, that I attracted through the Law of Attraction. But now I feel that at that time I wasn't clear about my list of things, I wanted in him to be.

Now I want to see those qualities in him that I have 'missed'.

So my question was that is it possible to do this with the Law of Attraction??

Or is it better for me to move ahead and to find a better match for me, that will have those qualities that I really want?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It is plain to see that you have given your attention to what you want to experience in a relationship, and have received the result of your powerful creative thought.

This is indeed, the Law of Attraction, in action. You have decided what you want to experience, you have focused your thought on that reality, and you are now reaping the reward for you application of this Law.

You have witnessed that the Law of Attraction aligns you to an experience, which is a match to your focused thought.

Now you can see, that what you think about most, becomes your experience, and to continue to experience your desired reality, you need to focus your most thought, to the things you desire.

But you are also experiencing that no matter what you want, what you desire, if you focus your attention and thoughts to anything, wanted or unwanted, that anything becomes your experience.

In fact, all experience, wanted or unwanted, is created by thought.

For instance, you have managed to manifest a match for the most of what you desired, by focusing your thought to that desire. But you find that this reality has a contrast of some good things, and some not so good things.

This is true of most realities we experience, especially new realities. They
come in contrast with some good aspects, and some not so good aspects.

The question is, what do we do about the not so good aspects of this new reality?

Well, as you have witnessed, the Law of Attraction aligns you to an experience, which is a match to your focused thought. That what you think about most, becomes your experience.

So when this new experience is manifested to you, with a contrast of good, and not so good experiences, knowing the power of your thought, why would you ever give the unwanted part of this experience any attention?

You create your reality through thought. You do not only create the good experiences, you also create the bad experiences, and the only reason that you have any unwanted experiences in your reality, is because you put it there.

You gave this unwanted experience the vitality it needed to grow, by giving it your attention, your thought and your emotion.

If this relationship is not everything you think it should be, align to it with thought, to the best that it is. Spare no thought for what it lacks, as only thoughts of lack can produce such a reality.

Focus your thought on the best that this relationship offers you, and the lack that you have been experiencing will no longer exist.

Do not be tempted to focus on a change, as the very focus you give, gives birth to the very experiences you want to change.

Give your thought and feelings to the very best of your now experience, and only the very best of now, shall be manifested in your future.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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