The Law of Attraction Is Not The Answer

I've bought some of your material (liked it) and work every day on life. Right up front John I have to tell you; I love my life. I was blessed with my wife of 37 years and with that came some great kids. Our health couldn't be any better. I get up every day thanking GOD for what I have and I tell with how blessed I am for where I am in life. I also ask for new opportunity to go further in life.

My point to you is; who is everyone trying to impress with this law of attraction? They ask for money, to be freed from hardship and so much more. All the material things and money in life come from backbreaking work that takes 60+ hour weeks. Living within your income and save!

Hardship is only there own hole that they have to dig them self out of. And then other things like to ask for girl friends and new cars...what is with all this?

Please shed some light here and try to answer this?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To a certain extent I agree with you. That is, that these peoples situations are self-made, and it is up to them to get out of their unwanted realities.

However, I don’t necessarily agree that the ‘answer’ these people are looking for, comes in the way of 60 hours a week of backbreaking work, living within your income and saving!

I am sure that many of these people, who so desperately want to change their current reality, work very hard, put a lot of effort into living within their means, and would, if opportunity arose, save every penny they could.

In my opinion, many people who try to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives are often faced with experiences that in no way match their desires, and they often feel the unhappiness that seems to go with this lack.

They are unhappy because their experiences are full of unwanted things, and it is understandable that many people believe that if they changed their reality to represent their wants, they would also change their emotion.

If someone is in debt and feeling fear and worry about their finances, it is understandable that they would believe that the remedy for their fear and worry, must be plenty of money.

What they fail to understand, is that if they dealt with their feelings of fear and worry, and focused their thoughts and emotions towards hopefulness and optimism, this in turn would change their financial experience to one that, instead of causing fear and worry, caused more hope and a brighter outlook.

Similarly, if someone was without a partner and feeling alone and unloved, it is understandable that they would believe that the remedy for their loneliness and lack of love, must be a romantic relationship.

What they fail to understand, is that if they dealt with their feelings of loneliness and lack of love, and focused their thoughts and emotions towards harmony and passion, this in turn would change their romantic experience to one that, instead of causing loneliness and lack of love, caused happiness and companionship.

You see, the real secret to changing your reality, is at first, accepting your reality as it.

This is such an overlooked part of applying the Law of Attraction, and to be honest, the major reason that may people fail.

It is all well and good to teach people how to visualize and affirm the things that they desire, but if their reality is one that for now, none of these things existed, until they deal with their feelings about now, they will never successfully change their conditions in the future.

You see the remedy for lack does not rest with hours of work or saving,
it rests with thought, and as soon as you can focus your thought towards the best of what is now, the better part of now shall become your future experience.

All to often I am asked questions from people who so desperately want and need to change their unhappy ‘now’ experiences, the ironic thing is, that it is the very emotions of want and need, which is keeping the desires they so much want to experience away from them.

This is because, as you want something, you only align to an experience of more want, and as you need something, you only align to an experience of more need.

This is the great Law of Attraction dilemma.

How can you see a thing you want, and not want it?

And the answer to this dilemma is the very reason I wrote my Unlock The Power WorkBook .

All to often I have witnessed so many people, who seemingly, have been practicing very powerful methods to manifest their desires, but because of their emotional blocks about what they have now, their dreams will never be realized.

In fact, that was me, I tried everything under the sun to apply these Laws and change my financial reality, and believe me, I was working far more than 60 hours a week and doing everything I could to live within my means.

What I came to realize, is that no matter what effort I put into to manipulating my reality, my fear and worry about my lack of money always seemed to be working much harder, as one financial disaster lead right into the next.

Inadvertently, I was aligning to every wrong move, and unfortunate circumstance to keep me fearful and worried, and it wasn’t until I learnt to focus my thoughts and emotions to the best of what I had, that the best of what was, kept reappearing.

So, I would say this to anyone who is struggling to manifest the changes they most want to see, “for now forget visualization and affirming, and instead come to terms with where you are today, focusing your thoughts to the best of what is.”

To do this effectively, invest in a small book and start writing lists of all your experiences that you are thankful for.

On the top of the page, write the heading… “The Things I Like Best About….”

And list the things that in your now experience, make you happy.

Have a page for each person or task that you feel particularly negative about, your partner, your home life, the chores, your job etc etc, and write a list of all the qualities of this experience that make you feel good.

Read your list as often as you can, and as you experience more ‘good stuff’, add it to your list.

Get to know the things that you are grateful for in your life, and whenever you experience a thought or a feeling that contradicts this list, do your best to recall a situation and a feeling of something you are grateful for.

This is what my Unlock The Power WorkBook teaches. A structured 30-Day program to help someone feel the best of now, and as someone begins to feel better about now it will be far easier to fill their tomorrows with the things they desire.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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My First "aha" Moment
by: Mary

Wow, John -

In the 2 or more years of reading about and studying the law of attraction, I must say this has been my first "aha" moment. Thank you for that!

I have been picturing the future, affirmations, etc...with absolutely NO results. Then I get upset, frustrated and miserable, and beat myself up for believing in something that doesn't work.

This is the first time I can understand what my problems and blocks might be, and what I'm doing wrong.

Again, thank you so much for this great newsletter! I'm grateful for teachers like you.


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